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Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.4 Release Notes


  • Import/Export activities - Allows the user to import and export Learnosity activities from the Connector in their native JSON format. Currently does not support Learnosity Features or exporting and importing assets.

  • Sticky sample response - After the student submits a response, they are shown the sample/model answer under their submitted response. This will remain visible when they come back to the assignment later.

  • Show remaining attempts - Adds “Show remaining attempts” assignment setting. When the setting is turned on, the number of remaining attempts for a question is displayed.

  • Skip submit confirmation option - Adds ability to skip submit confirmation screen normally displayed when you submit an assignment and instead takes you to the summary screen.

  • When embedding, default to “Show inline” - When embedding an assignment in a page, the assignment settings default to “show inline”.

  • Response specific feedback is now shown to students - Distractor feedback for a question will now show with the rest of the answers after you submit your answer.

  • General feedback and sample answers - General right/wrong feedback and sample answers are now displayed after you submit your answers.

  • Author/Items titles - The Author/Items tab lists item titles instead of item references.

  • Content migration support - When courses are copied in Canvas the assignment are correctly configured in the new course they are copied to.

  • Assignment synchronization moved to background jobs - Connector now synchronizes with Canvas assignments in a background job to improve its reliability.

  • High stakes exams - Added “High stake exams” assignment setting. When the setting is turned on Learnosity does not send answers down to the client and scoring will occur on their servers.

  • Option to remove authoring tab - Allows the Connector Authoring tab to be turned off and removes the ability to edit Learnosity activities. This must be done by Atomic Jolt.

Bug Fixes

  • Import existing Canvas quizzes into Learnosity - The Canvas quizzes importer had a bug in it that caused imports to fail.

  • Show summary option was broken - Review screen broke when "show summary" was set to false.

  • Preview was broken when returning from edit - Assignment preview didn’t display when returning from the edit screen.

  • Button sizing - Changes some of the sizing and positioning of different buttons.

    • Cancel and Save button - When embedding an assignment, the cancel and save buttons are standard size. 

    • Start button - The start button, when viewing an activity as an admin, is no longer cut off. It is no longer hidden when students are taking an assignment. 

    • Review button - In the summary screen, the review button resizes to fit the content from the summary screen

  • Blank assignment when retaking assignment - A blank screen was displayed when you retake an assignment.

  • Review page error - Clicking between review page and summary screen resulted in a blank page.

  • Unable to submit assignment when show summary is unchecked - You couldn’t submit assignments when the show summary results option was unchecked.

  • Timeout errors - Some requests were timing out causing errors to be displayed or the Connector to not function. The implementation of certain functionality was optimized to improve performance.

  • Resize fixes - Assignment review iframe wasn’t correctly resizing.

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