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Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.6 Release Notes

Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.6
Beta: 3 July 2018, Production: 10 July 2018


  • Total points setting - The total points for an assignment can be viewed and set in the Connector assignment settings view. Assignments default to 10 points but can be changed. This is the value set for the total points on the assignment in Canvas. Total points for an assignment is now independent of the number of points that each item in an Learnosity activity is worth. To calculate a student's score on an assignment, the Connector sends the percent correct to Canvas which converts the percent score to a points score.

  • Summary screen results - The summary screen now displays percentages and points.

  • Support for high stakes exams - A "High stakes exam" assignment option was added. When this option is specified, answers are not sent to the web browser and grading happens on the web server. In addition, when this option is turned on, some assignment options like Check Answer are not available.

  • Summary and Grading tabs - The summary and grading tabs in the Player are now hidden. You can view student answers and score and comment on them using the Canvas speed grader.

  • Synchronizing data with Canvas and Learnosity - The application was refactored to retrieve more of the data for display directly from Learnosity and Canvas instead of caching it. This reduces the need for synchronization and the opportunity for data to get out of sync.

Bug Fixes

  • Student view of the Connector - When a student lands on the connector via a link, it shows “Permission Denied”.

  • Time was displayed incorrectly - Total elapsed time for an assignment was displayed as a decimal.

  • Canvas points - When a Learnosity activity changes, the points possible for the Canvas assignment were updated.

  • Points possible is indeterminate when using random question count - Fixed bug that occurred when an activity had the options “Random question count” and “Multiple opportunities” on. This would mess up the total points in the summary screen.

  • Failed Import displayed an incorrect message - When an import failed, it displayed a message that said “Export has failed”.

  • Learnosity features were not being imported/exported - When an activity was imported/exported, the features in its items didn’t import/export with it.

  • Selecting “options” in the Player - Resulted in a blank page and error.

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