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Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.9 Release Notes

Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.9

Beta: 14 August 2018, Production: 20 August 2018


  • You can now create an assignment based on a new activity - All assignments are based on an underlying activity. Previously, you had to create the activity for an assignment before you created the assignment. With this release, you can now create a new activity as part of the workflow of creating an assignment. You may continue to edit activities and items independently of assignments by going to the Authoring menu.
  • You can now create and edit items when editing an assignment - Previously, when editing an assignment, you could add items to the assignment but you could not create new items or edit items in the assignment. With this release, when editing an assignment, you can now create new items for the assignment and edit items already in the assignment without needing to go to the Authoring menu.
  • Redesign of the edit assignment view - When you edit an assignment, there are two tabs: Settings and Items. This view lets you easily switch between editing assignment settings and the items in an assignment’s activity.
    • The redesign removes the ability to change which Learnosity Activity a Canvas Assignment is based on after you create it (this was causing confusion).
    • The redesign rearranges the order of settings to put the ones most commonly used at the top.
  • Clicking on the name of an assignment or the pencil in the assignment list takes you to the edit assignment page - When you click on the name of an assignment, it takes you to the edit assignment view. When we add assignment reports, we will change the link from the assignment name to the reports for the assignment. That is coming soon. 
  • Added support for importing remaining question types from Canvas quizzes - Previously, Canvas import only supported a subset of the Canvas question types. This release adds support for the remaining question types. In addition, Canvas quiz import now brings over images embedded in Canvas quiz questions.
  • Added support for exporting and importing item features - Previously export/import did not support item features. With this release, item features and the assets they use such as images are included in the download zip file and uploaded into Learnosity when you do an import.
  • Activity title is now hidden when rending an assignment for students - Previously, when a title was specified for an activity, the title was displayed above the assignment when it was displayed for a student. This was frequently redundant. This release hides the title.
  • The name of an assignment is now displayed in the title of the Edit Assignment page - The ID (Learnosity reference) of the underlying Activity is displayed underneath the assignment name.
  • Hid the edit activity reference textbox - When editing an activity, you used to be able to edit the Learnosity activity reference. This would cause any assignments based on the activity to become disconnected resulting in errors. We hid the textbox to prevent users from doing that.

  Bug Fixes

  • Activity is automatically saved when you add an item to it - Previously, you had to save an Activity after adding an item to it and you weren't warned if you navigated away without saving. With this release, an activity is automatically saved when you add items to it. The old behavior remains underneath the Authoring menu (we will bring the new behavior there soon).
  • Error when copying a course with the Connector in it - Under certain conditions, an error would occurred when copying a course in which the Connector was installed.
  • Error when creating an assignment via the Canvas assignment page - An error would occur when you tried to create a Learnosity Connector assignment via the Canvas assignments page.
  • The assignment list didn't support listing more than 10 assignments - Assignment list paging was broken and so you could only access the first 10 assignments.
  • Importing some Canvas quizzes resulted in errors - When you tried to import certain Canvas quizzes the import would fail.

Coming Soon

Here are some of the major things we are working on in the near future:

  • Kaltura integration - We are adding support to the WYSIWYG editor used in the edit question interfaces for finding and embedding Kaltura videos. Embedded Kaltura videos will be LTI launched so that you can continue to get analytics like when you do when you embed them in a page.
  • Reports! - We will be adding assignment summary, outcome, and item reports so you can see how students and content are performing.
  • Rebranding to Atomic Assessments - In order to reduce confusion and help distinguish between Atomic Jolt's LTI based Learnosity-LMS integration and out of the box Learnosity, we will be renaming and rebranding the Atomic Learnosity Connector. The new name will be Atomic Assessments.

Security and Compliance Updates
We’ve updated the Atomic Jolt Security and Compliance Framework to include information about GDPR compliance, a link to our privacy policy, and a statement about accessibility compliance. We have created an additional document describing additional architecture and security information specific to the Atomic Learnosity Connector. For additional information, see the Freshdesk article: How does Atomic Jolt approach security for the Atomic Learnosity Connector?

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