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How do I configure Canvas Live Events for Atomic Search?

When Canvas Live Events are configured to send events to Atomic Search it notifies Atomic Search when content is added or updated in your courses. When Atomic Search receives those notifications it begins updating the index for that content and usually finishes updating it within a few seconds. This applies to both active and inactive courses. This can help keep the index current. 

  1. Install the Canvas Data Services LTI:

  2. Access the Data Services menu in the account navigation.

  3. Add a Live Events Subscription with the SQS URL corresponding to the Atomic Search region that you are using:

  4. Select the following live events:

    • Assignment created
    • Assignment updated
    • Attachment created
    • Attachment deleted
    • Attachment updated
    • Course created

    • Course updated

    • Discussion topic created

    • Syllabus updated

    • Wiki page created

    • Wiki page deleted

    • Wiki page updated

Once you have enabled the live events, you can verify it is enabled by editing a page to add unique text to it and then searching your course for that text.

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