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Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.7 Release Notes

Atomic Learnosity Connector - 2.7
Beta: 17 July 2018, Production: 24 July 2018

  • Assignment manager navigation is redesigned - We've removed the tabs based navigation in and replaced with a menu containing links to Authoring, Import Canvas Quizzes, Import, and Export. Adding a new assignment is now handled by clicking on the “New” button in the top right. Download all submissions, Settings, and Show embedded Activities options have been moved to a menu that can be accessed via the gear menu in the top right. This menu contains two new options. The first is a link to settings where the CSS related to the Atomic Learnosity Connector can be customized. The second is an option to show embedded assessments. When selected assignments that are embedded in Canvas pages will also be listed.
  • Display feedback for a question that doesn’t have a correct answer -  We've added support for displaying feedback for questions that don't have correct answers. This is useful for reflective questions that need to provide per response feedback but which do not require a correct response from the student.
  • Option to show the check answer button after student answers correctly - By default the check answer button will be hidden from the student once they provide the correct answer. However, this is not ideal in all cases and so we've added an option to continue showing the button, even after the student answers correctly.
  • Choose a publisher activity in addition to course activities - We've added the ability to show publisher activities alongside user created activities.
Bug Fixes
  • Duplicate LMS assignment IDs - Fixed a bug that would result in an application crash when duplicate LMS assignment ids were present.

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