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Atomic Assessments - 2.12 Release Notes


  • Added assignment setting: "Sample items based on tags" - When this setting is checked, the tags that have been applied to items in the activity are listed and you can choose how many items from each tag to include in the assignment.
  • Added Assignment setting: “Display Try Again button after an incorrect Check Answer” - When this setting is enabled, if the student clicks the Check Answer button and their answer is incorrect, the label of the Check Answer button changes to Try Again. The student must click the Try Again button before they can specify a new answer. After the student specifies a new answer, they can click the Check Answer button again.

  • Added Assignment setting: "Penalties" - When authoring questions, you can specify a penalty to be applied when an incorrect answer is entered and the Check Answer button is clicked. This release adds an assignment setting that can be used to specify that the question penalty be used (Use question penalties), disabled (Disable penalties), or overridden with an assignment level penalty (Apply penalties to all questions). If you choose "Apply penalties to all questions", a field is displayed where you can enter the percentage of penalty to apply each time an incorrect answer is checked.

  • Added assignment setting: “Number of allowed Check Answer attempts” - When the Check Answer button setting is set to “Always Show” a field is displayed for specifying how many times a student can click the Check Answer button for a question.

  • Added assignment setting: “Show 'Give Up' button” - When the user clicks the “Give Up” button, the correct answer is shown, general feedback is displayed, and the user is not allowed to attempt the question again.

  • Changed assignment setting “Always show Check Answer button” to a tri-state setting named “Check Answer button” with values: “Use Item-Level”, “Always Show”, and “Never Show” -  Always Show and Never Show, force the display or hiding of the Check Answer button. Use Item-Level defaults to the setting specified in each item.

  • Assignment setting: Allowed attempts defaults to 1 - Set this value 0 to allow unlimited attempts.

  • Added question setting: “General feedback” - In the More options section of the question editor, we added a “General feedback” field that can be used to specify a feedback message to be displayed after a response is submitted, regardless of whether or not the response is correct.

  • Correct answer and General feedback are displayed after check answer attempts are exhausted - When the “Show answers to students” assignment setting is set to “After Each Question” and the “Check Answer” button is enabled, the correct answer and General feedback are displayed when a student clicks the “Check Answer” button and they have specified the correct answer or they have run out of attempts.

  • Added support for displaying feedback on the review page for “High stakes” assignments - When the High stakes assignment setting is turned on, assignments are graded server side. Previously, feedback was not displayed when the high stakes setting was turned on. This release modifies the implementation so that feedback is displayed when reviewing an assignment.

  • Added the ability to specify a title when creating an Activity - Previously, when creating an activity in the Authoring, Activities view, you could not specify the title for the Activity. This release adds the ability to specify a title for a new activity when creating it. After you create an activity, you can edit its title from the Settings, Player view.

  • Copy by reference setting only supports a read-only option now - Previously, Atomic Assessments supported copying content by reference when a Canvas course was copied and allowing the copied content to be edited in the new course. This release removes that option because of the complexity and potential confusion of being able to edit content in multiple places. You can still copy Atomic Assessments by reference, but it cannot be edited in the copied course. Specify this behavior using the list labeled “When this course is copied, assignments in the new course should reference” in the settings page.

  • Improved iframe resize support - On 10/6/18, Instructure released an update to Canvas to support handling requests from iframed content that the iframe be resized. When Atomic Assessments is inserted into a Canvas page, we use this functionality to avoid scrollbars displaying around an assignment. This release improves the calculation and timing of our resize request.

  • Renamed course menu and Rich Text Editor button - As part of rebranding Atomic Learnosity Connector to Atomic Assessments, we've changed the text of course menu and the button in the Canvas rich text editor to Atomic Assessments. In order to see the updated name, you will need to reinstall the tool. You are not required to reinstall the tool.

Bug Fixes

  • Error when exporting an activity that doesn’t have items in it - If you exported an activity that has no items in it, an error would occur.

  • Assignment is still assigned to all students when setting Assign to Specific Students option to true - All students were able to take assignments even when instructors assigned specific students to that assignment.

  • Error when using the Random Question Count assignment setting- If you set a value for the Random Question Count assignment setting, a blank screen would be displayed when you accessed the assignment.

  • There was no way to retake an assignment if when the Show Summary screen option was disabled - Students were unable to retake an assignment if the Show Summary screen option was disabled. This release adds a Retake Assignment button to the bottom of the assignment if the Show Summary Screen option is disabled.

  • Assignment Check Answer setting doesn’t override item level Check Answer option - Students still saw the Check Answer button when the Assignment level settings said to Never Show.

  • Random question count can be set to a number higher than the number of items in the activity - Users could specify the Random Question Count value to be higher than the number of items in the Activity.

  • Two headings are displayed when editing an Activity item list - Users saw two headings when editing an activity item list.

  • You could reset the Check Answer attempt count by refreshing the page - When the Check Answer setting was set to ‘Always’, you could reset the attempt count by refreshing the page.

  • Correct/Incorrect feedback does not display - In some situations the correct/incorrect feedback was not displayed.

  • Sample answer is not displayed when reviewing an assignment - The sample answer was not displaying when reviewing an assignment.

  • The correct answer was displayed after the first attempt of a multi attempt question - Students saw the correct answer after their first attempt.

  • Retake button is displayed when user has run out of attempts - Users could see the retake button on the review screen when they had run out of attempts.

  • Students were unable to see the assignment menu when taking the assignment - The “Flag items”, “Quit”, and “Calculator” icons weren’t displayed when a student was taking an assignment.

  • A warning is displayed when a user tries to leave an activity and nothing has been changed - Users received a warning when leaving an activity where nothing was changed.

  • Adding a tag to an activity throws an error - When you tried to add a tag to an activity an error would occur.

  • Student receives an error when retaking an assignment and clicking the browser back button - When a student went in to retake an assignment but clicked the browser back button before selecting start, they saw an error.

Known Bug

  • Some of the new Assignment settings that were added as part of this release cannot be set when accessing the assignment through the Canvas assignments page or when editing options of an activity inserted into a page.

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