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Atomic Assessments - 2.13 Release Notes


  • Added assignment reports. In the Atomic Assessments assignment list, clicking on an assignment name takes you to a view with Summary and Item reports for the assignment that lists students who have attempted the assignment. The Summary report shows time spent, whether or not a submission needs review, the status of submitting the score to the gradebook, number of attempts, and score received. The Item report shows how students scored on each item in the assignment. Future releases will enhance these reports and add an Outcome report.

  • Added download assignment responses. In the assignment list, an “Export Responses” menu item was added that can be used to download a zip file containing student responses for the assignment. To the gear menu an “Export All Responses” menu item was used that can be used to download a zip file containing student responses for all assignments in the course. The format of response files is the raw JSON format used by Learnosity.

  • Export all content. Added an “Export All Content” button to the Export view that can be used to export and download a zip file containing all items and activities in a course.

  • Refined penalty calculations. When a question allows multiple attempts, the Check Answer button is displayed. After you check your answer, the maximum possible points you can recieve on your next attempt is reduced by the penalty percentage. For example if a question is worth 10 points and the retry penalty is 10%, on your second attempt, the maximum points you can earn is 9. On your third attempt, the maximum points you can earn is 8. You will receive the maximum points that you earned in any of your attempts.

  • Disabled response controls between attempts. Updated behavior for a question that allows multiple attempts, so that after each attempt, the response controls are disabled until you click the Try Again button.

  • Improved highlighting of partially correct responses. When a response earns partial credit, all parts of the question are highlighted in yellow instead of green.

  • Removed duplicate activity button removed from assignment edit view. When editing an assignment, you used to be able to duplicate the underlying activity. This release removes that ability.

  • Enforce the assignment due date. Previously, students could access and submit assignments during the period between an assignment due date and availability end date. This update prevents students from submitting assignments after the due date.

  • Don’t display general feedback until after no more attempts are allowed. Previously, the message specified for General feedback was displayed after each question attempt. This release changes the behavior so general feedback is not displayed until after you answer a question correctly, run out of attempts, or give up.

  • Handle canvas vanity domains. Previously, if your instance of Canvas had a vanity domain, errors would occur when you tried to access Atomic Assessments from a different domain than the domain you installed it at. This update makes it possible to use Atomic Assessments on both the vanity domain and the domain.

  • Add time spent for in-page assignments. Previously, for assignments inserted into pages, time spent completing the assignment was not tracked. This updates add tracking for those in-page assignments.

  • Edit, list and search activity titles. Previously, Atomic Assessments was not supporting the activity title functionality recently added by Learnosity. The result was that when you created a new activity, the activity list and search results would display the activity reference instead of the activity title. In addition, there was no way to edit the activity title. This release adds support for activity titles. When you create an activity in the Authoring view or by creating a new assignment, Atomic Assessments sets the activity title. In addition, when editing an activity, the Details view displays and allows you to edit the activity title. When listing or searching activities, you can search using activity titles and activity titles are displayed.

  • Added support for blacklisting tag types in the Sample items based on tags assignment setting. By default, the assignment settings page displays all of the tags applied to items in an activity if you turn on the the Sample items based on tags setting. Some Atomic Assessments customers have used tag types that they don’t want to appear in that list. This release adds the ability to specify a black list of tag types to not display in the list. The is an Application Instance setting that affects all courses in the customer’s instance of Canvas and can only be set by Atomic Jolt. If you want to specify a black list of tag types, please create a ticket in the Atomic Assessments support portal.

  • Updated names of assignment settings. Renamed "Penalty percentage" to "Multiple attempt penalty percentage."

  • Switched order of Settings and Items tabs. This update switched the order of the Assignment Settings and Items tab so that the Settings tab comes before the Items tab.

  • Launch Kaltura during authoring and delivery of questions. Adds a Kaltura button to the rich text editor used for question authoring that allows you to search your Kaltura gallery and choose a video to insert. When presenting an assignment, it also LTI launches Kaltura videos that have been inserted in the questions. This integration is a general LTI consumer implementation that can be used to support LTI providers in addition to Kaltura. If you want to enable the Kaltura or other LTI tools for your instance of Atomic Assessments, please create a ticket in the Atomic Assessments support portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved OAuth support. Atomic Assessment’s authentication model asks users in Admin and Teacher roles to grant permission to the tool the first time they access it. This allows Atomic Assessments to call APIs on behalf of the user. There were OAuth related issues that sometimes occurred when teachers accessed assignments that they had not created.

  • Problems using the Canvas add external assignment process. Problems occurred when creating an Atomic Assessments assignment by going to Canvas Assignments and adding an assignment.

  • Several assignment settings could not be configured in the Options tab. Some assignment settings could not be modified when accessing the Assignment Options tab.

  • Couldn’t sample items with tags with '.' in the name. Tags or tag types that contained a period character (.) in the name could not be used in the Sample items with tags assignment setting.

  • Hint button was displaying multiple times. In some situations multiple hint buttons would display.

  • "Check Answer" button would display for questions with no answer. If you set show Check Answer button to Always for an assignment, a Check Answer button displayed for questions such as essay questions that didn’t have a correct answer.

  • Unable to retake assignments. In some situations, students were unable to retake an assignment when they should have been able to.

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