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Atomic Assessments 2.14 Release Notes

  • Additional assignment settings to control feedback. Added a grid of settings for specifying the timing of when each type of feedback and information is displayed.

  • Made item hints persist. Changed the functionality of hints so that once a hint is shown it will always be shown from then on.

  • Points possible and actual points in CSV summary download. Points possible and actual points for both assessments and activities are included in the CSV summary download.

  • Documentation menu item. An item was added to the gear menu at the top right of Atomic Assessments for accessing the end user documentation. The menu is configurable on a per Canvas instance basis. If you want to change the item to link to institution specific documentation that you create, please create a ticket in the support portal.

  • Export page lists titles instead of IDs. The export page now lists the titles of activities instead of ids. If a title is not specified for an activity the reference is displayed.

  • Re-send grades to Canvas. Adds ability to re-send grades to the gradebook. This can be used to send grades to the gradebook for assignments that are not configured to auto-submitted scores to the gradebook.

  • Sorting assignments. Assignments are sorted by name on the main Atomic Assessments page.

  • Times added for availability and due dates. You can now specify due times in addition to dates for an assignment due date, and availability start and end dates.

  • Submit button when penalties are enabled. When penalties are enabled for an assignment, the label of the Check Answer button is changed to “Submit”.

  • Hint button position. Repositioned the hint button to improve the layout.
Bug Fixes
  • Submit/Check Answer button. When users were out of attempts the submit and/or check answer button did not go away.

  • Score given is greater than max score. Score given for a question was greater than the max score possible for the question when the scoring type setting for the question was set to “Partial match per response”.

  • Teachers and test students were included in the summary CSV export. Test students and teachers were included in the summary CSV export.

  • Feedback timing problems. General feedback was displayed when a partially correct response was checked. In some situations, general feedback was not displayed when  you click Give Up.

  • HTML lists weren’t displaying. Rich content that was authored to use bulleted and numbered lists, did not display the bullets and numbers when rendered to the student.

  • Adding tags to items didn’t update the sample items based on tag assignment settings. When you added tags to items in an assignment, the new tags were not displayed in the list of tags to choose from under sample items based on tags assignment settings.

  • Feedback wasn’t displaying feedback correctly for high stakes assignments. When an assignment was configured to use high stakes grading, it would display correct feedback even for incorrect or partially correct responses.

  • Internet Explorer bugs. Various parts of Atomic Assessments displayed incorrectly when accessed using Internet Explorer.

  • Try again button wasn’t displaying for assignments with minimum scores. If a question was configured to assign a non-zero minimum score, the Try Again button would not display.

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