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Atomic Assessments 2.15 Release Notes

  • Override assignment settings for specific Canvas sections and students. Similar to Canvas assignments, you can override assignment settings for specific sections and students. Settings that can be overridden are: due date, availability dates, time limit, and number of allowed attempts.

  • Force the submission of unsubmitted responses. You can force the submission of unsubmitted responses to an assignment. Access this feature on the assignment menu.

  • Regrade assignments. You can manually request that an assignment be re-graded. Use this functionality to invalidate a question by setting the points possible to zero and regrading the assignment. Use this functionality to change how a question is scored by editing the question and regrading an assignment. Access this feature on the assignment menu.

  • Display scoring information while taking assignments and during review. You can configure assignments to display allowed attempts, points possible and earned when taking an assignment and during review. You can also click a link to view an explanation of any penalties applied.

  • Restrict access by IP address. An assignment setting was added to specify a list of IP address masks that restrict which IP addresses can be used to take assignment.

  • Edit assignment button moved to the right of the assignment list. The edit button used to edit an assignment was moved to the right side of the assignment list.

  • Autosave speedgrader comments and scores. Comments and scores in the speedgrader are automatically saved.

  • Single column review layout. The layout of the assignment review screen was changed from 2 column to 1 column in order to eliminate potential confusion.

  • Changed default assignment settings. When creating a new in-page assignment, the show intro setting default was changed to off.

  • Removed password restriction. The assignment password setting was removed because it was not being enforced server side. The setting will be added back once the implementation is re-implemented securely.

  • Removed shared passages. Because shared passages were not limited to a course, they were removed.
Bug Fixes
  • In some situations, an error occurred when a student submitted an assignment.
  • If an assignment response was submitted after the due date, it couldn’t be reviewed.
  • When a teacher overrode scores in the speedgrader it would create extra student submissions.
  • In some situations, you could not save an assignment.
  • Trig functions in the data table column names would cause errors.
  • Students could take assignments after the lock/close date.
  • Atomic Assessments content sometimes failed to import when you imported or copied a course.
  • Sometimes after submitting an assignment, it would display a message waiting for instructor review even when none was needed.

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