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Atomic Assessments 2.16 Release Notes


  • Add tagged items to assignment - When you have configured an assignment to sample by tags, you can easily add other items with those tags to the assignment. This only affects items with tags for which a number of items have been specified. Access this feature from the “Check for new items” assignment menu in the assignment list or from the “Update tag based activities” menu item on the gear at the top right of the assignment list.

Bug Fixes

  • Assignment IP restriction wasn’t working - When you specified the IP address mask for an assignment, it was incorrectly identifying the IP address of students.

  • User treated as admin when shouldn’t be - Users who are admins in any Canvas account were treated as admins in accounts where they were students but not admins.

  • Students couldn’t review submission - A recent change made it so students couldn’t review their submissions and view feedback.

  • Feedback was displayed at the bottom of an item - When items contained multiple questions, feedback for all of the questions was displayed at the bottom instead of under each question.

  • Tags were not preserved during import - When importing exported activities, tags were not preserved.

  • Some settings were not preserved when courses were copied - When a course was copied, some assignment assignment settings were not preserved including sample by tags and unlimited attempts.

  • Some imports were failing - There were some situations when Atomic Assessments content was failing to import when courses were copied or imported.

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