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Atomic Assessments 2.17 Release Notes


  • Add the ability to hide points possible - Added an option to the assignment settings feedback timing grid for controlling when points possible is displayed to the student: “Show Points Possible”. This option is always turned on when “Score” feedback option is turned on.

  • Edit items in the player - Added the ability to edit assignment items when you access an assignment through the Canvas assignments view or by going to a page where an assignment is inserted.


  • Re-Calculate Scores sometimes did not update scores in gradebook - For some types of questions, when you changed the grading criteria for a question and then recalculated scores, it wouldn’t send an updated score to the gradebook.

  • Speedgrader was not showing scoring or feedback - When reviewing a submission in the Canvas speedgrader, score and teacher feedback input boxes did not appear. 

  • Publisher tags were able to be edited - Assignments based on activities that had publisher tags applied to them were able to be edited

  • Assignment setting assign list did not show all students - In the assignment settings assign section you could only view a maximum of ten students or sections.

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