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Atomic Assessments 3.0 Release Notes


  • Updated navigation - Modified how navigation works for the assignment and embedded activity user interface. The new navigation provides icons at the top right for switching between the edit, preview, and reports views.

  • Changed default views - When you access an assignment the default view is now reports. When you view an activity inserted in a page, the default view is now preview.

  • Renamed export and import -  The menus and titles for the “Import” and “Export” views were renamed to “Add Content” and “Download Content”. Titles on assessment pages have changed to include Report, Edit, or Preview in front of the assessment name. 

  • Added assignment setting for hiding question headings - Added “Show question numbers during review” assignment setting that can be turned off to hide question headings displayed during student and teacher review of a submitted assignment.


  • Speedgrader was unresponsive when editing question scores - Editing individual  question scores directly in the left pane of speedgrader would cause speedgrader to become unresponsive.

  • Send to gradebook fails when session ids are not present in Learnosity - When scores that did not auto submit to gradebook were submitted, those grades would never be sent to the gradebook. 

  • Force submission of all students attempts was not submitting scores correctly - Force submitting scores to the gradebook would not send all the scores.

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