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Atomic Assessments 3.1 Release Notes

3.1 - Beta 4 March 2019, Prod: 11 March 2019


  • Student names in reports link to speedgrader - In the assignment summary report, links were added from each student’s name to their attempt in the Canvas speedgrader.

  • Overrides copy defaults - Creating assignment overrides now copies time and date settings from the initial override.

  • Removed Learnosity edit/preview buttons - Removed the Learnosity edit/preview toggle buttons from the edit assignments/items pages. You can switch between editing and previewing an assignment using the button bar at the top right of the page.

  • Updated the Atomic Jolt loading icon - Updated the loading icon displayed when a page or control is loading.

  • Style questions based on tags - Added the ability to apply custom styling to items that you have applied specific tags to. See Target specific items with custom CSS for more information.

  • Submit to gradebook button in speedgrader - Added a button in speedgrader that sends scores to the gradebook. Scores now auto-save while editing scores in the speedgrader but will not be sent to the gradebook until you click the “Send to Gradebook” button.


  • Downloading content and responses did not work - Downloading activities and student responses would never finish exporting.

  • Changes to assignment dates in Canvas did not update them in Atomic Assessments - Updating an assignment due date in Canvas did not modify the date in Atomic Assessments.

  • Activities with no items crashed assignments on launch - When you launched an assignment that had no items in it, it would crash.

  • Item edit button missing after navigation - When you edited an item in an assignment and navigated back to the item list, the edit pencil icons next to the items would disappear.

  • Give Up button was unresponsive on graphing questions - When a student plotted an incorrect answer on a graphing question and clicked the Check Answer button, the Give Up button would appear but was disabled and unresponsive.

  • Question numbers would not be displayed in student review - Question headings in the student review page would not be displayed even when the assignment setting was enabled. 

  • Entering a manual score for a student in speedgrader sometimes did not save - Entering a manual score for a student in the Canvas speedgrader then switching to the next student would not save the updated score for the first student. 

  • Assignments would not use the Canvas timezone - Assignment dates defaulted to the browser timezone instead of the Canvas timezone.

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