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Atomic Assessments 3.2 Release Notes


  • Update to Learnosity 2019.1.LTS - This update to Learnosity provides new features and bug fixes, more information can be found here.

  • Optimized grade write back - When you “Send grades to gradebook” the work is now performed in parallel so it completes faster.

  • Added pagination for activities - Added the ability to insert page breaks into activities using the “Page Break” button in the Edit Assignments/Items view. When the “View questions inline” assignment setting is turned off, items are normally shown one at a time. If you insert page breaks into an activity, it will change the behavior so that all items between page breaks will be shown at the same time. If you turn on the “Shuffle items”, “View questions inline”, or “Random Question Count” assignment settings, page breaks are ignored.

  • Added the ability to archive items and activities - In the Authoring tab you can now archive items and activities that are not being used in any assignments in the course, or parent courses.

  • Added the ability to manage tags - Previously, you could not create and delete tag types and tags in Atomic Assessments and had to login to the Learnosity Authoring website to do so. In addition, tags were global to all courses. When adding items to an activity, the search form would auto-suggest tags from the entire item bank. This release modifies the behavior so that tags are scoped to each course and you can manage tags in Atomic Assessments. In addition, when finding items or applying tags to an item, only tags from the course are auto-suggested. You can manage the item tags for a course by editing item settings, going to the tags tab, and clicking Manage Tags. 

  • Points display based on penalty scores - In the review screen, points now display accurate scores with point penalties subtracted from the final score.

  • Speedgrader reloads when question scores are saved - When you save Atomic Assessments grades in the speedgrader left panel, the right panel reloads so that the overall assignment score updates.


  • Updated speedgrader scores were sent to the gradebook when the Auto send to gradebook setting was disabled -  When the Auto send to gradebook setting was turned off for an assignment, and a score was updated in the speedgrader the score would still be sent to the gradebook.

  • Item “Save Changes” pop-up didn’t direct back to the item - When an item was edited and not saved, selecting ‘Cancel’ instead of ‘OK’ on the pop-up window that appears asking the instructor if they would like to continue without saving did not return them to the item and lost any changes.

  • Learnosity: "Number line with Plot" line was able to be dragged off the line - The line in "Number line with Plot" question types was able to be dragged off the line while the question was disabled and there weren’t any more attempts allowed. 

  • Learnosity: Quiz time limits did not continue to count down after leaving the quiz - When students started a quiz with a time limit and then left the quiz page with the quiz unfinished, when they returned to the quiz, they had more time left than when they originally navigated away from the quiz.

  • Learnosity: Sometimes previewing existing items would cause the screen to go blank and give an error -  Previewing an existing item before adding a new item to an existing activity would cause the screen to go blank and give an error. 

  • Attempts remaining showed after a correct attempt was made - Attempts remaining continued to show after checking the answer with a correct first attempt.

  • Bulleted and numbered lists did not appear in passage features - In a passage feature bulleted and numbered lists did not display bullets or numbers in preview mode or during attempts. 

  • Attempts remaining did not update correctly - When the score setting in the feedback timing matrix was unchecked for "when student checks answer" attempts remaining would not update with the correct number of remaining attempts.

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