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Atomic Assessments 3.3 Release Notes

3.3 - Beta 16 April 2019; Prod: 22 April 2019


  • Enhanced the Assignment Summary report - The Assignment Summary report lists summary information about student submissions for an assignment. This release enhanced the report by adding the ability to filter students by Canvas course section, download the report, and sort by column. In addition, the update added summary statistics and a histogram of student scores at the bottom of the report.

  • Enhanced the Assignment Item Scores report - The Assignment Item Scores report shows student scores on items and questions in an assignment. It is designed to help you evaluate how individual items and questions performed. This release enhanced the report by displaying scores without requiring you to mouse over a cell. It also displays question scores now instead of just item scores. You can sort the table based on any column, filter the report by Canvas section, and download a CSV version of the report. For assignments that allow multiple attempts, you can choose to display all attempts or just the primary attempt sent to the gradebook. Question average and median scores are displayed at the bottom of the report. Columns were added to the front of the report showing overall time spent by students on the assignment and overall assignment scores.

  • Added Assignment Item Statistics report - The Assignment Item Statistics report shows statistics for each item including: median, average, standard deviation, discrimination index, and median number of attempts. In addition, it shows the number of times each item was displayed which can be different for each item in assignments that sample items based on tags.

  • Added selective import functionality - Previous to this release, when you copied a Canvas course, all Atomic Assessments content would always be copied into the destination course. This release adds support for Canvas selective course import. A course level Atomic Assessments setting named “Import all Atomic Assessments content on next Canvas import” can be used to specify whether or not to import all Atomic Assessments content when importing a Canvas course. This is enabled by default and all Atomic Assessments content will import as it did prior to this release. If this option is disabled, using the  "Copy a Canvas Course" option to import specific content will only import Atomic Assessments content associated with assignments and pages that are selected to be imported. Optionally, your instance of Atomic Assessments can be configured so that after the first time you copy a course with Atomic Assessments content in it, the setting will be changed to not import all Atomic Assessments content. If you want that to be the default behavior for your instance of Atomic Assessments, please file a ticket in the support portal asking for the import_strategy_default application instance setting to be set to import_used_content.

  • Update to points display and pop up - The points pop up has been redesigned to improve the clarity of the display of points possible, attempt scores, and the score that will be sent to the gradebook.


  • Errors occurred for assignments with the high stakes setting turned on - For assignments with the High stakes setting enabled, students would not receive the appropriate feedback message and penalties did not update for partially correct answers. When a question was enabled with multiple check answer attempts the try again button would appear even when a student answered correctly in high stakes mode.

  • Internal tags were shown in the item tag interface - When creating a new item in an assessment, going to the tags interface within the item settings would show internal tags that should not have been displayed to the user.

  • Previous attempts were not able to be accessed in the speedgrader when a student had a new attempt in progress - Instructors could not see previous student attempts in the speedgrader when a student had a new attempt in progress that was not yet submitted. Any previous attempts in the speedgrader were blank when a student had clicked "retake," but had not yet clicked "start."

  • Setting a minimum score for a question equal to max possible score caused errors - When a minimum score was set equal to the maximum possible score for the question the general feedback would be displayed and the Try Again button was not able to be clicked again after the first attempt.

  • Iframe heights for inline questions on pages did not resize dynamically - The heights for the questions did not dynamically adjust to the page height causing unwanted scrollbars to appear. 

  • Cancelling the creation of a new activity in the Authoring tab caused the screen to go blank - In the Authoring tab, clicking "+” (create) for an activity then closing the pop up would cause a blank screen to appear and the authoring tabs would not operate.

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