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Atomic Assessments 3.4 Release Notes


  • Added an Assignment Responses report - The Assignment Responses report shows the frequency of responses to questions in an assignment. It is designed to help you see trends in student responses. The report displays unique responses for each question and the count of students who gave that response. You can sort the table based on any column, filter the report by Canvas Section, and download a CSV version of the report.

  • Added warnings and enforcement for assignment lock dates - An assignment lock date is the time after which they cannot submit the assignment. If an assignment has an Until date, that is the lock date. Otherwise, the class end date is the lock date. Students are now warned five minutes before an assignment is about to lock if they are actively taking the assignment, or launching the assignment within that five minute window. Students are directed to the summary page if the lock date passes, or if they attempt to navigate back from the summary screen to their attempt after the lock date. If the assignment allows retakes, the student will not be able to retake after the lock date has passed. 

  • Added indication showing when questions only allow one attempt - Questions that only allow one check answer now display text indicating that.

  • Show points possible defaults to off - The “Show Points Possible” assignment setting now defaults to Never. 


  • LaTex in the feedback fields did not display properly - When LaTex was inserted into feedback messages it was displayed to students as raw LaTex instead of as formatted text.

  • Correct and incorrect answer indicators did not appear when returning to an assignment - Returning to an assignment or refreshing the page after submitting an attempt would not display the green and red answer styling indicating correct and incorrect responses.

  • Students could continue to attempt an assignment after the lock date had passed - If a student left an unsubmitted attempt open near an assignment lock date then the student could submit the attempt after the lock date had passed. 

  • Sometimes searching for a tag in the authoring tab would not include the tag in the search - Searching by tags in the authoring tab sometimes would not apply the tag to the search and clear the search field. 

  • Points pop-up did not display properly for short questions - When an assessment had short questions the points pop-up would not display entirely on the page cutting off the top of the pop-up.

  • Question pop-ups in the reports got cut off for items with single questions - Items that had a single question would cut off the top of the question pop-ups.

  • Assignment Item Scores report showed tags not used for sampling - The assignment Item Scores report for assignments that sample items by tags would show tags that weren't used for sampling.

  • Scores in the Assignment Item Scores report .csv were different from the displayed report - In the downloaded .csv report, individual item scores were shown as a percentage instead of decimal value as was shown in the displayed report. In addition, the total score was displayed as a percentage in the report but was displayed as a decimal in the download.

  • Users were unable to remove the until or due dates - Once an until or due date was selected and saved it could not be changed or removed and gave an error when you tried to remove them.

  • Assignments with many questions sometimes would not send grades to the gradebook - Sometimes assignments with many true/false or multiple choice questions would not send the submitted grades to the gradebook. Regrading and “send grades” to gradebook did not fix the problem.

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