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Atomic Assessments 3.5 Release Notes


  • Added Assignment settings presets - An Assignment Settings Preset is a configuration of assignment settings that can be easily reused. You can manage assignment presets from a list at the top right of the assignment settings view. Saving a preset stores a configuration of assignment settings so that they it be later loaded by selecting the preset from a list. See the Atomic Assessments documentation for more information on using presets.

  • Updated the feedback design to put all feedback in a single box - Previously, separate labeled areas were used to display different types of feedback to students: incorrect, correct, partially correct, or general feedback. All feedback now displays in one feedback box for students. Separate boxes are used for each feedback type for non-student roles.

  • Reorganized the assignment settings page - All but the most common assignment settings are now hidden under a “More Options” section. When opened, all settings are displayed. Assignment settings have been reorganized into the following sections: General Settings, Question Settings, Feedback Timing, Item Pools, and Access Restrictions. The Grade server side and Auto submit score to gradebook settings were moved under Points possible.

  • Renamed “Distractor Feedback” question setting to “Response Feedback” - In the question editing form the section previously named Distractor Feedback was renamed to Response Feedback.

  • Added response feedback support for more question types - Support for response specific feedback was added for question types such as close dropdown, close math, and match questions.

  • Linked Item Scores report to the Responses Report - Clicking on an item title or question header row in the Item Scores Report will display the responses report for each student response to the question. In a future release, the formatting of the header rows will be changed to look like a link to make it more obvious that you can click it.

  • Hid Check Answer button for question types that don’t support automatic grading - When the assignment setting “Check Answer” is set to “Always”, the check answer button does not show for question types that don’t support automatic grading.

  • Modified Try Again behavior to clear feedback - When you click Try Again, feedback is cleared and response controls are re-enabled, making it easy to see that you can change/edit your answer.

  • Added support for Section Breaks - A section break is a way to break an assignment into sections that must be completed in order. Add section breaks to an assignment by navigating to the Items tab and selecting “+ Section break”. Students can move freely between items in a section, but once they move to another section, they cannot return to previous sections. If any of the following assignment settings are selected, section breaks will be ignored when displaying an assignment to the student: Shuffle items, how all items on a single page, and Number of items to randomly select.

  • Restored display of allowed attempts - When the “Show remaining attempts for questions” setting is turned on, the number of remaining and allowed attempts is displayed. When Score feedback setting is turned off, it displays “Used x out of y attempts.” When it is turned on, it displays “Attempt #x” on one line and “Allowed attempts: y” on the line below.

  • Added print option for assignments and answer keys - You can now print an assignment and answer key. To print, go to an assignment and click on the “...” menu in the upper right and select either the Print assignment or Print answer key menu. This will load a print window with a popup to print a .pdf copy of the assignment. Printing an assignment will ignore any page breaks or section breaks that are in that assignment. 

  • Added support for auto submitting incomplete assignment attempts - Added an “Auto submit incomplete attempts at close date” assignment setting. When this setting is turned on for an assignment, any unsubmitted student attempt will be automatically submitted and graded at the close date for the assignment. The close date can vary between students if student or section overrides have been created. If a student is taking an assignment when the close date arrives, the assignment is automatically submitted and the student sill see a message stating “Assignment has been successfully submitted,” and they will not be allowed to continue the attempt.


  • Sometimes filtering by tag search would clear the tag search field - Sometimes filtering search results by tags would clear the tag search fields when trying to find and add new items to an activity in the authoring menu.

  • Per-element feedback would display for multiple choice questions when all feedback was disabled in the feedback settings - Multiple choice questions displayed red and green check marks for feedback even when all feedback was disabled in the assignment settings.

  • Activity and tag tabs did not work after accessing item settings in the authoring menu - Exiting out of the item settings while editing items in the authoring menu would disable the activity and tag tabs. 

  • The Authoring menu and Settings menu could not be accessed on Safari - After the last 3.4 release the authoring hamburger menu button and settings menu buttons were unclickable until the page was resized.

  • Filtering by “All” sections was not supported in the Assignment Item Scores report - The Item Scores report had filtering for different sections but did not support filtering by “All” sections. 

  • The tag editing interface was not optimized to handle large numbers of course tags - The tag editing interface could not handle hundreds of course tags causing the interface to slow down and eventually time out. 

  • Cloze questions sometimes did not reset properly - After a student answered a cloze question with multiple dropdowns or boxes the question input boxes would disappear until the student clicked on their response. 

  • Forcing submission results would not send the results to speedgrader - Forcing the submission of student attempts would not send the attempts to the gradebook when the auto send to gradebook setting was enabled. 

  • No save confirmation after moving or deleting items or configuring settings in an assignment - Pending changes were lost after moving, deleting, or configuring settings in an assignment when leaving the 'items' view of an assignment before saving.

  • Renaming an item in the assignment item list did not update the name automatically - Editing the name of an item or changing the items questions did not automatically update the item in the assignment item list until the page was reloaded.

  • Students in multiple sections did not filter correctly in the reports - When students were in multiple sections the reports would filter the students incorrectly when filtering the students by sections. 

  • Activity IDs appeared in the assignment name when creating assignments from existing activities - The activity ID appeared in the assignment name when new assignments were created from existing activities. The ID has been removed and only the activity name appears. 

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