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Atomic Assessments 3.6 Release Notes


  • Added search, sort, and pagination to assignment list - You can filter assignments by name and sort by name, due date, and by the new column “created date”.  The due date format has changed to dd-mm-yy. The pagination arrow will not appear to the right/left if you cannot go any further in that direction. The page number, search filter, and sorting will remain static when moving in and out of assignments.

  • Added Aria-live regions to improve accessibility - Aria-live regions have been added to headings, assignment tabs, input boxes, buttons, and labels. When using a screen reader, auditory indications will occur when tabbing over selected content.

  • Added save warning when you navigate from the assignment settings to items tab - When you modify assignment settings and then switch to the items tab, a warning will display to remind you to save the assignment settings.

  • Renamed Auto submit incomplete attempts at close date - This setting was changed from a checkbox to drop-down list named Incomplete attempts with options: “Leave unsubmitted” (default) and “Automatically submit at close date”.

  • Modified question defaults - For Multiple choice questions (all variants), the default value of the Penalty Point(s) setting was changed from 0 to 1. For Cloze questions (all variants) and Choice matrix questions (all variants), the default value for the Scoring type setting was changed from “Exact match” to “Partial match per response”.

  • Improved right/wrong feedback - When Correct/Incorrect Highlighting feedback is disabled, a yellow wrapper appears around answered responses so that students can clearly see whether or not they answered the question.

  • Percentage and Rounded points order were switched in the Summary report - In the Summary report under the Points column, the Percentage is now shown first with the gradebook score after it. This puts the actual value first, and the approximation in parentheses. The gradebook score now rounds to two decimal places.

  • Metadata and template data was removed from downloaded responses - When these were included, the file size was too large because the same data was repeated for every response. 

  • Renamed the Atomic Assessments LTI tools - Previously, when you installed Atomic Assessments, it registered two LTI tools named Learnosity Connector and Learnosity Player. The LTI configuration was changed so the tools are now named Atomic Assessments Connector and Atomic Assessments Player.


  • Question stems were center alined in the Item Statistics report - Sometimes the question stems were center alined in the Item Statistics report.

  • Popup boxes in drag and drop questions could not be closed - When authoring Label image with drag and drop question, you could not close the popup window when viewing the entire answer.

  • Assignment presets were unable to be saved in Safari - The save button was greyed out, restricting users from saving Assignment presets.

  • CSS-class tagging didn’t show in student review - After clicking submit on an assignment, the formatting changed back to the original format and the student didn’t see the customization during review.

  • Question headers in the Item Scores report didn’t launch the Responses report popup - The responses report popup did not display when the question headers in the Item Scores report were clicked on.

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