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Atomic Assessments 3.7 Release Notes

Added Outcomes Reports - Outcome reports display student performance on items tagged with Level 1-3 tags. When you first access an outcome report, it shows you performance on the top level outcomes. You can drill down and see student performance on lower level outcomes. by clicking on the Level 1 outcome names. You can align items with learning outcomes and view reports of student performance on those outcomes. You can do that for both individual assignments and for all assignments in a course. To use outcome reports:

  1. Define up to 3 levels of outcomes hierarchy using the Level 1-3 tags.
  2. Apply tags to items aligned with questions that cover those outcomes.
  3. After students have completed an Assignment, switch to report mode and go to the Outcome tab to view the outcome report for the assignment.
  4. To view the outcome report for all assignments in a course, choose Student Reports from the hamburger menu at the top left of Atomic Assessments.

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