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Atomic Assessments - 3.8 Release Notes

3.8 - Beta 30 July 2019; Prod: 19 August 2019


  • “Score to keep” assignment setting moved into the General Settings - This setting is at the top of the general settings section. 


  • Search filtering in the assignment list would not let you clear the search term after  navigating within an assignment - Setting a search filter for an assignment then navigating within an assignment and back out would cause the filtered term to disappear from the search box and the term couldn’t be cleared. 

  • Sometimes “Download all summaries” did not download a .csv - Sometimes clicking the “Download all summaries” button would not generate and download the .csv file. 

  • Downloading individual assignment summaries downloaded an empty .csv - Downloading the summary report for an individual assignment failed to generate report data and would download an empty .csv file.

  • “Send grades to gradebook” did not update the UI status on the first click - Clicking on the "Send grades to gradebook" menu item for an assignment did not change the state to indicate the grades are being sent on the first try.

  • Speedgrader was stuck loading attempts after a question was removed from the assignment - When a question was removed from an assignment after students already submitted attempts the speedgrader would freeze loading the attempts. 


  • Importing via course copy no longer requires an Atomic Assessments installation prior to copying - With course level Atomic Assessments installs, you no longer need to install into the destination course before you copy a course with Atomic Assessments assignments in it.

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