Atomic Jolt

Atomic Search - 2.16 Release Notes

2.16 Beta 20 August 2019; Prod: 3 September 2019


  • Modified the Atomic Search global javascript to target the course instance of Atomic Search when the tool ID is hardcoded - The global javascript file has been modified so that when searching in a course, it targets the course’s instance of the LTI when the tool ID is hardcoded in the global javascript.

  • Searching with just the asterisk (‘*’) now returns results for everything in a course - When searching with just the star/asterisk/wildcard, Atomic Search will return a full list of everything indexed

  • You may now search by recency - We have added a search criterion that allows you to search by relevance or by recency.  Sorting by recency will prioritize content that has most recently been modified.

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