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Atomic Assessments 3.9 Release Notes


  • Custom CSS is applied in the speedgrader - Custom CSS that is applied to Atomic Assessments now appears in the speedgrader in order to keep styling consistent.

  • Enabled duplicate shared passages - When duplicating an item with a passage you now have the option to either duplicate the passage or share the passage. Duplicating a passage within an item will create two different item ids, allowing them to be edited separately without affecting the other. Sharing passages will share the same passage across items so that any edits made to the passage will alter the passage across all items.

  • Added aria-live region support to reports headings - Aria-live regions where added to the report headings.


  • The assignment “save” button did not give an indication that an assignment was not saved when form validation failed - When form validation failed (e.g. due date was set after close date) the assignment "save" button gave no indication that it was not saved properly. A “Validation Error” now displays next to the save button when form validation fails.

  • Switching between assignments sometimes showed the incorrect grades for the selected assignment - Switching between assignments would sometimes show the incorrect grade distributions for assignments when the assignments shared a matching set of students that took each assignment.  

  • When archiving items in the authoring tab the "Select All" box remained checked after archiving - When you archived items in the authoring menu using the “select all” checkbox the checkbox would remain checked after the items were archived.

  • Activity tags appeared in the item sampling settings - Assignments that had activity tags would also should the activity_id tags under the item sampling settings. 

  • Decreasing the browser size while previewing assignments from the Canvas assignment menu sometimes caused the buttons to not work - When you decreased the browser window while previewing assignments in the Canvas assignment menu sometimes the buttons would not work until you re-sized the page again.

  • When voiceover was enabled the Item Scores question popup would appear behind the table headings - When voiceover was enabled clicking or tabbing onto the Item Scores report question popup would cause the popup to appear behind the table headings. 

  • Aria-live regions weren’t working in the student review page - Voiceover was not reading any of the buttons or headings in the student review page.

  • The assignment “save” button did not have an auditory indication of saving - When voiceover was enabled saving an assignment did not have an auditory indication of saving. 

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