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Atomic Assessments 3.10 Release Notes


  • Update to Learnosity 2019.2.LTS - This update to Learnosity provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.


  • Tags with single quotes changed item sampling settings after saving the assignment - Assignments with tags containing single quotes that were configured with item sampling were then changing item sampling settings to “don’t sample based on this tag” once the assignment was saved.

  • Searching for sections in the assignment overrides sometimes wouldn’t find the section when the section name contained different letter cases - Searching for section overrides with section names that used different letter cases sometimes wouldn’t find the section. This depended on the case that was used in the search, and where it occurred in the section name. The override search is no longer case sensitive. 

  • Scores were being shown to students even when an assignment was configured to not auto-submit to the gradebook and the summary screen was disabled - Students were being shown their score details after an attempt, even when "Auto-submit score to gradebook" was turned off, the student summary screen was disabled, and the instructor hadn't yet manually submitted the scores to the gradebook. Instead of seeing a score now, students will see a message that says “waiting on instructor for grading”
  • Responses report didn't include links to uploaded files - When you downloaded the responses report for an activity with a file upload question type in it, the report would not include links to files that students uploaded.

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