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Atomic Assessments 3.11 Release Notes

3.11 - Beta 18 November 2019; Prod: 2 December 2019


  • Removed access code restriction for instructors - When an access code is configured for an assignment, instructors no longer have to enter the access code to review student attempts or preview the assignment. 

  • Update to Learnosity 2019.3.LTS - This release includes an update to version 2019.3.LTS of Learnosity. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.

  • Removed the edit pencil icon in the assignment items tab - We removed the edit pencil icon in the assignment items tab because the upgrade to Learnosity 2019.3.LTS removed the edit functionality of this button. To edit an item within an assignment you can click on the item name or reference ID. For accessibility, we have underlined the item names and reference IDs, and changed their color to blue. 

  • Question update during course copy or import - Previously, when copying or importing a course, the content of questions and features was not updated even though items and activities were. In addition, new questions were not added to items. This release modifies the import process to change the default to be to update and add questions during import or copy. If you don’t want it to behave that way, please contact your Atomic Jolt CSM to request that the feature be disabled. If the feature is disabled, and you want to be able to update questions, you will need to reinstall Atomic Assessments and then copy the course when the target course is unpublished. 

    Note: Atomic Assessments did not previously keep a mapping between source and target questions that is needed to be able to update them. If you haven’t changed a source or target question, Atomic Assessments will create a mapping the next time that you copy the course from the source to the target. The mapping will be based on finding an exact content match between the source and target question. If you have made changes to questions but want to update the questions in the target, you will need to: (1) reinstall Atomic Assessments, (2) unpublish the course, (3) copy the source course into the target course. If you anticipate making changes in the future, you should copy the course now before you make the changes to establish the mapping.

    If you have any questions, please contact your Atomic Jolt CSM.


  • Under the Item Settings > Tags tab, the Apply and Cancel buttons were missing - The apply and cancel buttons were missing in the Tags tab within Item settings. Editing tags instead prompted a dialog box, "do you want to discard changes," that still saved the tags when you selected "Yes". 

  • The Item Settings > Tags tab would sometimes go blank after navigating away - The Item Settings > Tags tab would sometimes go blank after navigating to another settings tab and then navigating back to the Tags tab. 

  • Tags overlayed the item description text with small browser dimensions on Firefox - In Firefox, Tags information would overlay in the Item description text when the browser size was decreased.

  • Sometimes vertical scrollbars appeared after attempting an embedded Activity - Vertical scrollbars would sometimes appear in an embedded Activity after students attempted the question. 

  • Sometimes “500 errors” occurred when launching assignments that only contained a passage - Sometimes a “500 error” would occur when launching a passage-only assignment with possible points set to 0, and when “Auto submit to Gradebook” was checked.

  • Item tag search was not course-scoped - Searching for tags to apply to items were instance-scoped and not course-scoped, so tags from other courses could be searched and applied to Items. We have fixed this so that only tags that are listed in the Authoring menu > course Tags tab can be applied to items. 

  • Questions that were unscored/practice usage would still show as being worth 1 point in the Speedgrader - Questions that were marked as unscored/practice usage would show in the Speedgrader as being worth 1 point. These questions now show as being worth 0 points when this setting is enabled. 

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