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Atomic Apps Release Schedules 2020

We have implemented a 4-week release schedule for our Atomic Apps. This cycle allows for more thorough testing and refinements before the tools are released to the production environment. This cycle is broken up into three parts: 

  • Internal Beta: This is where our Quality Assurance testers work to test new features to make sure they meet requirements, test that reported bugs have been fixed, and catch new bugs before they are released in our public beta.
  • Public Beta: This is when you get to try out any new features using your own assignments and data in our beta environment and report back to us with any bugs that you may experience before they get released into production. 
  • Production: This is the day where new changes are released to the production environment and the cycle starts over. 

Below is the timeline and calendar so you can expect when the new releases will deploy. 

4-week Release Timeline:

    Internal Beta: Tuesdays, one day after the production release 5pm-12am MST

    Public Beta: Mondays, two weeks before we release to production 10am-12pm MST 

    Production: Mondays, two weeks after the public beta release 4pm-8pm MST

Release Dates for 2020:

Internal BetaPublic BetaProduction
3.1321 Jan3 Feb18 Feb
3.1418 Feb2 Mar16 Mar
3.1517 Mar30 Mar13 Apr
3.1614 Apr27 Apr11 May
3.179 Jun22 Jun6 Jul
3.1831 Aug14 Sept28 Sept
3.2029 Sept12 Oct26 Oct
3.2127 Oct7 Nov30 Nov
3.2224 Nov7 Dec21 Dec
3.2322 Dec4 Jan 202118 Jan 2021


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