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Atomic Assessments 3.13 Release Notes

3.13 - Beta 8 January 2020; Prod: 16 January 2020


  • Optimizations and performance updates to the grading process - This release centered on improvements to the infrastructure that processes and handles grading. These updates will speed up the time it takes for grades to be calculated for the student after they submit an attempt as well as the time it takes to send the grades to the gradebook.  


  • Scrollbar issues when there were no assignments in Atomic Assessments - When there weren’t any assignments created yet in Atomic Assessments, a scrollbar was causing the Atomic Assessments menu to not show completely. We expanded the frame and removed the scrollbar in order to be able to see the full menu.

  • Order list questions were showing the partially correct feedback on a correct answer when viewing the student review page - When a student answered an order list question partially correctly, submitted it, retook the assignment and then answered the question correctly, the partially correct feedback was still showing on the student review page.

  • Removed scrollbar on Item Stats report, when selecting individual questions - A scrollbar was showing in the Item Stats student report when an individual question was selected, making it difficult to view all responses. The extra scrollbar was removed so that all responses could be viewed clearly.

  • The activity player options were showing only the default options upon first view - When selecting player options within an activity, only the default option appeared. To view all of the options, users had to refresh the page. 

  • Summary report was sorting student names by case - The Summary report was sorting student names in a case-sensitive manner so that lower case last names always sorted after upper case. This was updated to sort by last name, independent of case.

  • Summary report sorting by points was not sorting correctly - When selecting to sort the Summary report by points, not all scores were sorted. This has been corrected to sort all scores.

  • The status column in the Summary report was showing blank and not updating - The status column in the Summary report was not updating and was blank. This has been updated to show the correct current status.

  • The student’s score was showing on the assignment summary screen when the assignment was configured to not show the score - When the summary screen option was selected on an assignment, auto-submit to gradebook was disabled, and the grades had not yet been submitted to the gradebook manually, the student’s score was still displayed on the summary screen. 

  • The Needs Review column wasn’t updating to reflect the status of the attempts - The Needs Review column showing how many student assignments still need review was not updating accurately. This has been changed to show the correct number that still need review.

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