Atomic Jolt

Atomic Assessments 3.14 Release Notes

3.14 - Beta 3 February 2020; Prod: 18 February 2020


  • Added support for the IPv6 IP Address Filter - We added support for IPv6 CIDR notation for the IP restriction assignment setting.

  • Show the retake and review buttons to students when an assignment is being graded - The retake and review buttons will now show for the student view of the grading screen while the assignment is being graded.

  • Added an import limit of 5000 activities per import - We added a 5000 activity limit to the number of activities that can be imported in a single import. This limit is to prevent accidental activity duplications from occurring during an import. We have added a warning message that appears when the activity limit is reached during an import.

  • Added additional error logging for Atomic Jolt servers - We have added additional state error logging to track the complete history of a given attempt and to make sure the system doesn't process attempts that haven't been started by the student. 


  • Sometimes QTI files failed to import - Sometimes importing a QTI file that had embedded images in the content would fail to import and cause an error.
  • Importing a course into itself would create duplicate activities - Importing a course into itself would create duplicate activities each time the course was copied into itself.
  • Assignments using 'average' scoring were failing to update attempt information - Assignments that were configured to use 'average' scoring were not sending scores to the gradebook and not updating  the reports with student attempt information. 

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