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Steps to fix Microphone and Camera in Embedded Atomic Assessments

Update 9/2021: This has been resolved. If you see this issue, please file a support ticket.
Here are some instructions on fixing the microphone and camera error when Atomic Assessments is embedded 
in a Canvas page. The steps below are outlined for the microphone in order to allow the camera follow the 
same steps replacing the microphone for the camera.

1. Edit the page that contains the embedded instance of Atomic Assessments.
2. Click on the HTML Editor button.

3. Identify the iframe that contains Atomic Assessments. It will contain a src URL that looks something like 
https://atomicjolt. external_tools/retrieve? display=borderless&url=https% 3A%2F%2Flearnosityplayer.
If you have multiple instances of Atomic Assessments in the page, follow the below steps for each iframe.
4. Within that iframe, find the allow attribute.

5. Update that allow attribute to include microphone * 

(separating it from other existing values with a semicolon and a space; see the image for an example).

6. Save the page.

Atomic Assessments should now behave correctly and ask for permission to use the microphone when interacting 
with an audio recorder question. 
PLEASE NOTE: This process will need to be repeated for all pages containing Atomic Assessments using 
audio recorder questions.

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