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Atomic Assessments 3.17 Release Notes

3.17 - Beta 24 June 2020; Prod: 8 July 2020


  • Update to Learnosity 2020.1.LTS - This release includes an update to version 2019.3.LTS of Learnosity. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.

  • Re-designed the Atomic Assessments home page - We redesigned the layout of the home page to allow for easier access to menu options. The home page now has three tabs: Assignments, Item Bank (previously authoring menu), and Student reports. We removed the hamburger menu in the upper left and moved the Download Activities, and Add Activities menu items into the top right gear menu. Next to each assignment name we created additional icons to be able to go immediately to any of the assignment views. We added an indicator to the report icon from the home page to show when an assignment contains an error.

  • Added an Errors report - Added an Error tab in the reports section of an assignment to show when an error is happening within the assignment. This is to allow instructors and admins some transparency on what is causing something to fail. Errors will include student attempt errors, grading errors, and authoring related errors. Clicking on an error in this report for a student will load their speedgrader attempt and show more specific error information in the speedgrader for their attempt. Clicking on the ‘X’ on the error in the speedgrader will remove the error indications.

  • Updated how feedback is displayed - We modified the layout of the feedback labels to remove the colon and put the feedback text below the feedback label instead of indented next to the label.

  • Changed the dialogue shown when you search for an assignment that yields no results - When an assignment search does not yield any results the dialogue shown now displays “There are no results that match the searched term”

  • Tags in the Item Pools settings are listed alphabetically - Item tags are now sorted alphabetically in the Item Pool section of the assignment settings.

  • Added a preview icon in the home page for all assignments - We added a preview icon next to each assignment in the homepage so that you can quickly preview an assignment. Clicking on the back button in the upper left of the screen next to the assignment name will take you back to the assignment home page.

  • Moved the “Add Activities” and “Download Activities” options into modals - We renamed “Add Content” to “Add Activities” and “Download Content” to “Download Activities”. These options are now under the settings gear in the upper right of the assignment homepage and will pop up as a modal.

  • Added a warning when a student loses internet connection - When a student loses internet connection during an assignment a warning will appear “An error occurred while saving the activity. Please check out your network to ensure you are connected to the Internet.” The student will need to re-connect their internet connection and reload the page to continue taking the assignment.

  • Added accessible labels to the Item Scores details tooltip - The Details tooltip next to each Item number in the Item Scores report can now read the content of the tooltip with a screen reader.

  • Global CSS targeting for Atomic Assessments - We added a global CSS text area to the course Settings page so courses can share CSS across all courses with Atomic Assessments. Only admins will be able to see and change the global CSS text. When activities are rendered the global CSS will be inserted above any course specific CSS.


  • The Items Scores report was not showing student attempt information until the assignment was submitted - The Item scores report was blank until students submitted an attempt and the report only showed the students that had submitted the assignment and those who have not started it.

  • Students in Canvas with invalid email addresses couldn’t access assignments - Students with an invalid email address would get a 500 error when they accessed assignments.

  • The Status column in the Summary report was not sorting correctly - Sorting the status column in the Summary report would not group by statuses. Statuses now sort by incomplete, started, completed, failed, and then alphabetically.

  • “Failed to write grade to LMS” error showed in the speedgrader for assignments when auto submit to gradebook disabled - The “Failed to write grade to LMS” error was over reporting in the speedgrader when the assignment was not configured to auto submit the score to the Canvas gradebook.

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