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How to grade assignments

You can adjust student grades and provide feedback for student submissions using the SpeedGrader. Once you have finalized grade adjustments you can send the finalized grades to the gradebook to alert students of the posted grades.

Access the SpeedGrader

Through the Canvas gradebook

  1. Navigate to the Canvas gradebook.
  2. Hover over the assignment name you want to grade, and click on the three dot menu that appears next to the assignment name.
  3. Select SpeedGrader.

Through Atomic Assessments

  1. Navigate to the assignment in either the Atomic Assessments assignment manager or through the associated Canvas assignment.
  2. Go to the Reports tab and click on a students name to launch the SpeedGrader attempt for that student.

Adjusting grades and adding teacher feedback

  1. Click on the point box under each question to manually adjust the scoring for a question.
  2. Add feedback on the question level by typing your comments in the Teacher Feedback box.
  3. Saving is done automatically after making a comment or grading adjustment.

Send grades to the gradebook

  • For a single student:
    1.  Navigate to the SpeedGrader attempt for that student.
    2. Click on the send grades to gradebook button at the top of their submission.
  • For an assignment:
    1. Navigate to the Atomic Assessments menu.

    2. On the assignment you want to send grades to the gradebook for, select the three dots next to the pencil icon.

    3. Select send grades to gradebook.

If the assignment setting, Auto-submit grades to gradebook is checked, grades will be posted to the gradebook immediately. You can still adjust grades in the SpeedGrader.

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