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Responses Report

The Responses report shows the frequency of responses to questions in an assignment. It is designed to help you see trends in student responses. The report displays unique responses for each question and the count of students who gave that response.

Reading the report

You can navigate through additional questions by either clicking the next or previous buttons or by using the question dropdown.

Each question will show all responses that have been submitted for each question and group them. For each response you can see the number of times that response was submitted over the class, 

the percentage of the class that answered that way, 

the points possible received for that response, 

and which students answered.

Clicking a student's name will launch the SpeedGrader attempt for that student. 

Sort columns

Sort by clicking on the arrows to the right of each report column header.

Filter by section

At the top right of the report,   select the section to filter attempts:

Download a .csv of report data

At the top right of the report select the download arrow to download a .csv of the selected sections attempt. To download all attempt data select the All section before downloading:

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