Atomic Jolt

Item Statistics

The Item Stats report shows statistics for each item including the median, average, standard deviation, discrimination index, and the median number of attempts. 

In addition, it shows the number of times each item was displayed which can be different for each item in assignments that sample items based on tags. 

This report is designed to show how items performed overall.

Reading the report

Items are shown in numerical order, with the name of the item given when created in parentheses next to the number. 

Questions are listed below each item and clicking on the question stem will launch a pop up of the Responses report for that question. 

The question type is also displayed. 

Sort columns

Sort by clicking on the arrows to the right of each report column header.

Filter by section

At the top right of the report,   select the section to filter attempts:

Download a .csv of report data

At the top right of the report select the download arrow to download a .csv of the selected sections attempt. To download all attempt data select the All section before downloading:

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