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Item Scores

The Item Scores report shows student scores on items and questions in an assignment. It is designed to help you evaluate how individual items and questions performed. 

For assignments that allow multiple attempts, you can choose to display all attempts by selecting “Show all attempts,” or just the primary attempt that is sent to the gradebook. 

Students that have not submitted an attempt will not show any data in their row. 

Question average and median scores are displayed at the bottom of the report. 

Columns show the students name, overall time spent by students on the assignment, overall assignment scores, and question scores. 

Reading the report

Scrolling left and right in the report will show more report data. Items with multiple questions will be shown with a header designating the Item number above the questions that Item contains. 

Questions numbers are shown as item number (x) with (y) questions. Items that contain only one question per item will only show the item number. The -/n shows the number of points possible for that question.

 Student attempts for each question are highlighted with a red x for a zero-point score, a yellow minus for a partial credit response, and a green checkmark for full credit.


Hovering over the tooltip next to the question will display at glance information of the question stem and type of question. 

Clicking on the question number will display a popup of the Response report. 

Show all attempts

Click on the show all attempts button in the upper left of the report to show all attempts made by the students. The attempt submitted to the gradebook is indicated by a star next to the student's name. Clicking on the student's name will launch a new browser tab into the SpeedGrader for that attempt.

Sort columns

Sort by clicking on the arrows to the right of each report column header.

Filter by section

At the top right of the report,   select the section to filter attempts:

Download a .csv of report data

At the top right of the report select the download arrow to download a .csv of the selected sections attempt. To download all attempt data select the All section before downloading:

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