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Summary Report

The Summary report shows information about student submissions for an assignment, including: time spent, submission status, whether or not a score has been sent to the gradebook, and the student’s score. 

The bottom portion of the Summary report shows a histogram of student scores and statistics, including: median score, average score, standard deviation, highest and lowest scores and the average completion time for the assignment. 

You can click on a student’s name to view their submissions inside SpeedGrader.

Search for a student

  1. Navigate to an assignment within Atomic Assessments.

  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the Summary report’s Student header column.

  3. Start typing in the name of the student to filter the student list.

    1. You can search by first or last name. 

View a student attempt

  1. Navigate to an assignment within Atomic Assessments.

  2. Click on a student’s name to view the student’s assignment attempt.

  3. In Canvas, it is displayed in the SpeedGrader. On the attempt review screen, you can override the student’s score and write feedback for each question. You can read more detailed information about using SpeedGrader here.

What do each of the Statuses mean?

The Status column displays information about student attempts on an assignment. 

  • Unscorable - The submission was not able to be scored. This is usually due to an invalid or missing session.
  • Reviewed - The submission has been reviewed by an instructor in the SpeedGrader.
  • Completed - Scoring is complete and the attempt either has been sent or is ready to send to the Gradebook.
  • Score pending - Scores have not finished calculating. This can take a while if "Grade Server Side" is enabled.
  • Needs review - The submission needs to be reviewed in the SpeedGrader for any additional grading or errors.
  • Needs grading - The submission has questions that require manual grading in the SpeedGrader.
  • Paused - The assignment has been paused by the student.
  • Started - The student has started the activity but has not finished the attempt.
  • Viewed - The student opened the associated Canvas assignment page but has not started the attempt.
  • Not started - The student has not interacted with the assignment.
  • Failed - The attempt has an error and has failed to submit, please contact Atomic Jolt Support to help. Errors can be viewed on the "Errors" tab.

Changing a submission status

Using the Status column you can reopen a student’s submitted assignment so that they can modify and re-submit their assignment. To reopen a student’s assignment, navigate to the assignment Summary report and click on the link in the Status column of the student’s row. You can re-open attempts with the “Completed” Status. You can force submit an individual student’s assignment by navigating to the assignment Summary report and clicking on the link in the Status column of the student’s row.


Sort columns

Sort by clicking on the arrows to the right of each report column header.

Filter by section

At the top right of the report,   select the section to filter attempts:

Download a .csv of report data

At the top right of the report select the download arrow to download a .csv of the selected sections attempt. To download all attempt data select the All section before downloading:

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