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Force submitting student attempts

You can force submit student attempts that were not finished by the student. This can occur if a student forgets to push the Finish button.

When an Assignment has a lock date, forcing submissions is disabled until after the lock date has passed. If the assignment does not have a lock date (including Assign Overrides lock dates), users are allowed to force submissions but it will not prevent students from finishing currently in progress attempts.

If a student has not Viewed the assignment a forced submission will not occur and a grade will need to be manually entered in the Canvas gradebook.

To force submit all attempts

  1. Navigate to the Atomic Assessments menu.
  2. On the assignment you want to force submissions for, select the three dots next to the pencil.
  3. Select Force Submissions of all student attempts.

  4. Select Proceed.

To force submit a single attempt

  1. Navigate to the assignment Summary report.
  2. Click on the Status for the student. 
  3. Select force submit to submit the student's attempt.

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