Atomic Jolt

Custom Instance Settings

Here are some additional settings that can be added or changed for your instance. To change these settings please create a ticket with your request.

Specify publisher tags

This allows items to be available but not editable in all courses. If publisher tags are specified, activities tagged will be displayed when choosing to create a new assignment by selecting from existing activities. When users edit an assignment based on an activity with a publisher tag applied to it, the items tab is hidden. In addition, activities and items tagged with any of the publisher tags are not displayed in Atomic Assessments Authoring menu. 

Scope activities and items to course

Course scoping is enabled by default. This means that users can only see and edit activities and items created in their course within the authoring interface. The option is available to allow users to see and edit activities and items created in their institution within the authoring interface. 

Adding your own documentation link

If your institution has their own documentation you would like to refer users to for Atomic Assessments you can have our documentation link replaced with your documentation link in the Atomic Assessments settings menu. You also have the option to change the name in the settings from “Documentation” to a name of your choice.

Change the name of Atomic Assessments in the course navigation menu

You have the option to change the name of Atomic Assessments in your course navigation menu to be something different.

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