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How do I test my production content in the beta version of Atomic Assessments?

In order to test your production content with the beta instance of Atomic Assessments, you may want to make a copy of your course and switch it from the production to the beta instance of Atomic Assessments.

To test your production content with the beta instance of Atomic Assessments do the following:

  1. Create a new course to copy the content into.

  2. Install the beta instance of Atomic Assessments into the new course.

  3. Make sure your Atomic Assessments settings are set to reference the original items and activities when the course is copied. Otherwise the Learnosity content will be duplicated when you import into the new course.

  4. Export your Canvas course.

  5. Download and unzip the course.

    • You may need to rename the file extension from .imscc to .zip in order to do this.

    • Some file names be bigger than are supported by the built in Windows Zip program. To work around this, you can download a different zip program like 7-zip.

  6. Search and replace all Atomic Assessment urls in the course files from production to beta:

    • Replace learnosityconnector.atomicjoltapps with

    • Replace learnosityplayer.atomicjoltapps with

    • You can use a tool like Sublime Text to do this.

  7. Change the name of the file for the learnosity connector lti tool from the production tool id to the beta tool id.

    • When Canvas exports the course, it should include a folder called external_content. If that folder is not there, then the export did not work correctly and you should contact Atomic Jolt support.

    • In the external_content folder, there should be a tool named lti_[TOOL ID].json, where TOOL ID is the id of the Atomic Assessments LTI tool. 

      1. You can find this id by launching Atomic Assessments and looking in the url of the web browser. It should be something like: In this example, the TOOL ID is 10174.

    • Rename the file so that the name references the TOOL ID for the beta instance of Atomic Assessments in the course that you are copying into.

  8. Zip the course package back up.

  9. Import the modified package into the new course you created.

  10. Visit the assignments in the new course to verify that they work correctly.

You can also use this same process to switch a course from beta to production.

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