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Atomic Assessments 3.18 Release Notes

3.18 - Beta 3 August 2020; Prod: 24 August 2020


  • Updates to Learnosity 2020.2.LTS - This release includes an update to version 2020.2.LTS of Learnosity. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.

  • Instructors can now paste in a session after student network failure - If a student loses their network connection, a pop-up will now appear with an encoded version of their submission. This can be sent to the instructor to submit the session manually.

  • Tooltips updated - Tooltips have been added to icon-only buttons. Tooltips can now be tabbed through and hovered over to access. Additional index and overflow scroll issues corrected in the Items Scores table.

  • Student name linked to Speedgrader in the Error Report - Student names in the Error report are now linked to the Speedgrader.


Bug Fixes

  • Specify correct answer warning was not disappearing when answer selected - The “Correct answer not specified” warning was not disappearing when the correct answer was specified.
  • Assignments without a gradebook entry showed errors that couldn’t be cleared - Assignments without a gradebook entry showed a ‘Failed to write grade to LMS’ error but the error wasn’t able to be cleared.

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