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Atomic Assessments 3.19 Release Notes

3.19 - Beta 14 September 2020; Prod: 28 September 2020


  • Add support for navigating between items while editing - When editing an assignment item, you can now navigate between the next or previous item without going back to the Item list. This functionality is also available when editing in the Items tab of the Item Bank.

  • Add a duplication button when editing Items in the Item Bank - When editing an item in the Item Bank’s Items tab, you can duplicate the item you are currently viewing by clicking the duplicate button next to the Save button. The duplicated Item will appear at the top of the Items list in the Item Bank and will be a copy of the original item.

  • Add support for changing the Authoring configuration at the course level when Authoring is disabled globally - Canvas admins can now override whether or not teachers can author in specific courses when authoring is globally disabled in Atomic Assessments. If authoring is enabled by default for your instance, the checkbox is disabled by default, and the users should be able to author. If global authoring is disabled for your instance you can use the course level setting to change it on a course-by-course basis. To reach the enable authoring setting go to the course settings in Atomic Assessments.

  • Integrate with Proctorio - We have integrated Proctorio into Atomic Assessments. In order to enable the proctoring integration, please contact Atomic Jolt support so we can enable it for you. This integration will not appear unless we have enabled this for you. Once enabled, a new Proctoring tab will appear in the Assignment Settings where you can configure proctoring settings for an assignment. You will be able to save proctoring settings as a preset for easy configuration.

  • Added score re-calculating feedback in the Speedgrader - When you adjust the question scores in the Speedgrader a message will now display at the top of the Speedgrader attempt “Waiting for attempt scores. It is safe to switch to another student,” while the attempt score boxes are re-calculating. The question score updates are saved automatically, and it is safe to keep grading other attempts while the attempt and overall score boxes are updating.

  • Added the ability for instructors to submit a students failed session string - If a student loses network connection while their assignment is submitting, Learnosity presents the student with a dialog box that contains a base64 encoded version of their full session. We have added the ability to let an instructor submit this string from the student. To submit the session, click on the assignment triple dot menu and select “Submit encoded session” in the dropdown menu. You can then paste the string provided by the student in the box to submit their session.

  • Added the ability to add additional time to an attempt - We previously added the ability to reset a student's attempt on an assignment. We have now added the ability to also grant this student additional time for their attempt. To grant a student additional time on an assignment, navigate to the Summary report and click on the Status for a student’s attempt. This normally will let you reopen a students completed assignment so that they can try again. Now, if there is a time limit on the assignment, you will see a new option to add additional time (in minutes) to their assignment. Adding additional time will reopen the assignment to that student so they can have more time. This will either create a new override for the student or will update their existing override. Please note: adding this additional time will add time in addition to the specified time limit. For example, if you add ten minutes to a student's assignment and the assignment time limit is set to sixty minutes, then that student will now have seventy minutes to complete the assignment.


  • Feature types were displaying “Need to specify max score/correct answer” warnings - A warning was incorrectly displayed for features that the feature was missing a max score or correct answer.

  • Authorizing under alternate Canvas domains did not work - Accessing Atomic Assessments for the first time from an alternate Canvas domain other than the domain that Atomic Assessments was installed under would send the new user trying to authorize for the first time in a re-authorize loop.

  • The “Correct answer not specified” warning did not disappear when a correct answer was selected - When creating an Item, the warning "Correct answer not specified" did not go away after you selected a correct answer.

  • The “Students” column was not displaying properly when accessing the Item Responses in the Item Stats report - When viewing the Item Responses within the Item Stats report, the "Students" column would display outside of the pop-up box.

  • Sometimes the “Re-calculate scores” button did not update to show something was happening after clicking it - When you re-calculate the scores for an assignment, the button should display a spinning icon next to the button text to show you that the re-calculation was taking place. Sometimes this spinning icon would not appear.

  • Course settings for Atomic Assessments were not replicated in the new course during a Canvas course copy - The Atomic Assessments course settings in the top right gear would not be replicated in the new course after a Canvas course copy.

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