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Taking an Assignment as a Student

Students are able to access Atomic Assessment content through a Canvas Assignment or on any Canvas Page that has an embedded Atomic Assessment. Students can only view published Atomic Assessment assignments in courses that they are enrolled in. 

Depending on the assignment configurations, students can experience different interfaces while taking an assignment. The default configurations for an assignment are shown in the examples below.

Taking an Assignment

If you are an instructor in the course, you can mock the student experience by either creating a test student or using the Student View option in Canvas.

Students can find their assignments under the Canvas Assignment menu in the course. Once they click on the assignment they will be presented with a Start screen before beginning. This start screen can be configured to display additional assignment information or it can be disabled in the assignment settings.

Figure 1: Student Start Screen

To begin the assignment, click Start. Students can then complete the assignment as instructed. Students can navigate between Item groups by clicking on the Item list or by using the Next button in the lower-left of the assignment.

Figure 2: Student view of an assignment

Once a student has finished answering all questions they will be able to submit their assignment by selecting the Finish button.

Figure 3: Submitting an attempt as a student using the Finish button

If a student runs out of time from a timer or from the Assignment lock date then their attempt will be closed automatically and their answers will be saved up until the point they were locked out of the assignment. Students will be shown a warning when they are close to a lock date or time.

Once the assignment has been submitted students will see a Summary Screen where they can view their score, time spent, date completed, and they also have the option to Review each question by clicking on the Review button.

If the assignment settings allow multiple attempts then the student will also see a Retake button and they will be able to start another attempt. 

The Summary Screen for additional attempts will be updated to include information on all previous attempts with the most recent attempt shown at the top of the Summary screen.

Figure 4: Student Summary Screen

Figure 5: Student Review Screen

Viewing Grades as a Student

Students can view grades by going to the Canvas assignment and viewing their Summary Screen or they can view their grades in the Canvas Grades section. If an assignment grade changes after they submit that change will be reflected in the Canvas Grades section for their assignment.

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