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Atomic Assessments 3.20 Release Notes

3.20 - Beta 19 October 2020; Prod: 26 October 2020


  • Added the ability to hide the Item Bank tab - We have added the ability to globally hide the Item Bank tab. If you would like to hide this tab, please create a ticket in the support portal and Atomic Jolt Support will change this for your institution.

  • Expanded documentation within the support portal - We have migrated all of the Atomic Assessments documentation to the support portal. The documentation link within the Atomic Assessments settings gear will now link to our support portal. We have made the documentation publicly available so that admins and faculty can easily search for and find solutions to their questions. We are working on refining this documentation to include authoring information on all of the question types, enhanced training guides, and an expanded FAQ guide. Only users that have created an account with us previously will be able to create tickets in the portal.

  • Manual grading enhancements - We have improved the workflow for grading assignments that contain manually graded questions. To learn more about these changes:

  • Display gradebook sync status in summary report - We changed the "Sent to gradebook" column in the summary report to show whether the current grade has been pushed. After a push to the gradebook, it'll show "Yes", but if the grade later changes it'll revert to "No". The current behavior is that it always shows "Yes" once grades have been pushed to Canvas once.

  • Added API endpoint for creating custom student accommodations - If you are interested in using this endpoint to automate this process, please contact Atomic Jolt.

  • When viewing an activity that is not graded, link student names to a SpeedGrader view that is displayed in the player - We have implemented a SpeedGrader view within the player. If there is an activity without a gradebook entry embedded within a Canvas page, the teacher will be able to access student responses by clicking on a students name in the summary report to launch a speedgrader view directly in the Canvas page.

  • Update priorities for activity tagging jobs - After imports are nearly done, we launch activity tagging jobs. We have launched these jobs at a slightly higher priority to preserve the chronological ordering of import jobs.

  • Changed the buttons for disabling course level authoring - In the last release, we added a course setting to disable authoring in individual courses. We changed the checkbox to radio buttons with more information so that it is clear how the course is configured. 


  • Clicking on section and page breaks would cause an error - Page breaks and section breaks looked like they were an editable item in the items list for an assignment but clicking on these would cause an error 4000 because these were not editable items. We have removed the ability to click on section and page breaks.

  • Tags were only applied and saved to an item one at a time - When adding multiple tags to an item only the first tag that was searched for was saved at a time causing you to have to go back to the settings for the item and add the additional tags again.

  • You couldn’t delete unpublished activities in the Item Bank - When an activity was marked unpublished in the Item Bank tab, you couldn’t delete the activity.

  • You could archive items that were used in activities - When archiving an item in the Item Bank, you could archive items that were being used in activities. Now, when you try to archive an item that is being used in an activity a warning will display that tells you what activities are currently using the item and you will not be able to archive the item.

  • Points were displayed to the side of the image for the image highlight question type on Edge - In the Edge browser, points for the image highlight question type were displayed to the side of the question in the speedgrader and in the student review screen.

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