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Atomic Assessments 3.21 Release Notes

3.21 - Beta 10 November 2020; Prod: 23 November 2020


  • Added the ability to duplicate an item within an assignment - When you are editing Items within an assignment, you will be able to duplicate the Item in the assignment by clicking on the “duplicate item” button next to the “save” button. On duplication, you will be able to specify a new name for the duplicate item or you can choose to leave it blank and it will populate the name with an item reference. The duplicate will be automatically added to your assignment. This functionality will also apply when duplicating items within an Activity or in the Items tab in the Item Bank.

  • Paginate the Outcomes report - Instead of showing all students in a single report, the report will now show up to ten entries per page. If there are more than ten students for the assignment or course, pagination links will appear at the bottom to allow viewing other pages, and you will be able to filter by sections. Paginating the report will help decrease the loading time for this report.

  • Display the ability estimate for item adaptive assessments in the reports and during review - We have reconfigured the reports and the student summary and review pages to display the value of the ability estimate rather than showing the score to the teachers for Item adaptive assessments. These changes will only appear when an assessment has been configured for Item adaptive assessments. 


  • Sometimes the override settings would clear when navigating to the Items tab before the Assignment settings were finished saving - When leaving an assignment's settings page right after saving and before overrides were loaded caused a bug where the overrides are saved on our database but they would load the old values set for the overrides when you return back to the settings page. Now there is a prompt showing that the assignment settings are saving that blocks you from navigating away while the settings are saving.

  • Dropdown menus would stay open - Dropdown menus would not close when you clicked away from them, and instead required you to either click the button again or refresh the page to close them.

  • Some question types did not display the warning message when a correct answer was missing - Fill in the Blank (Cloze), Classify, Match, Order, Math, Charts, and Chemistry questions were missing the warning message that appears when a correct answer had not been set for a question.

  • Questions worth a fractional point value with multiple attempts displayed the score incorrectly in the Speedgrader - Questions that were configured with a check answer button and had a fractional point value for the correct answer would display the score incorrectly as a whole number in the Speedgrader even though the score was scored correctly in the attempt data.

  • Sometimes student sessions would never complete - Some student sessions would never finish and always stay in the "Incomplete" state. The score_attempt_job would wait for the session to move to the “Complete” state and so some jobs would never finish. We limited the number of times an attempt can be scored.

  • Downloading all activities in large courses took a long time to complete - When downloading all activities in large courses the export package would take a very long time to generate because the export would only commit fifty questions at a time to the file.

  • Adding section breaks removed all custom JSON for an activity - When a section break was added to an assignment any changes made to the JSON source for an activity template were removed. In some situations this caused an error for students attempting an assignment with section breaks and removed aspects of the activity layout in preview mode.

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