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Early 2021 Atomic Assessments Release Update

We are planning an update to Atomic Assessments to improve the user experience and reduce confusion that customers have reported with working with Assignments and Activities. In addition, the update will reduce delays and eliminate content duplication that some customers have reported when copying content. We are sharing our plans so that our customers are aware of what is coming and can provide feedback before we implement the plans.


Please share any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have. These updates will likely be deployed in our January or February production release of Atomic Assessments.

Specifically, we are planning to make the following changes:

  • Assignments and Activities. Simplify working with assignments and re-using content

    • Item banks. Hide the Item Bank tab to prevent users from directly interacting with Learnosity activities.

    • Find items. When editing an assignment and you click on the Find Items button, we will show a list of the other assignments in the course and let you search those assignments, choose an assignment, and select items in the assignment to copy into an assignment.

  • Create assignment. When you create an assignment, you will no longer have the ability to create an assignment from an existing activity. Instead you will always start from a blank assignment and have the option to add items to an assignment either by copying items from an existing assignment or to create items

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