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Using Atomic Search as a Canvas admin

Canvas admins can run any search a teacher can but with the added ability to search subaccounts and in courses that they have admin access to. Admins also have the ability to control LTI settings.

Searching courses

Searching in a Canvas course

Filtering and sorting search results

Searching sub-accounts

When you are logged in as a Canvas admin and you search from your dashboard, the global Search menu, or the account Search menu, you will get search results for all courses in all accounts that you have admin permission to.

To narrow the scope of a search to the courses in a specific sub-account and it’s child sub-accounts:

  1. Navigate to the Canvas sub-account.
  2. Execute a search by navigating to Search on the Account menu or using the search box at the top right of the screen.

Administrator settings

Administrators can toggle different Atomic Search settings by going to the three-dot menu in the upper right of Atomic Search and selecting the Admin Settings.

  • Enable word cloud feature - When enabled, the word cloud option will be available in the course settings.
  • Custom CSS and styling
    • Show Atomic Search branding - When enabled, the Atomic Search branding will display above the search box. When disabled, the word “Search” will replace the Atomic Search branding. The page must be refreshed to see the change immediately.
    • Custom CSS - You can apply custom CSS to globally customize the look of Atomic Search to match your Canvas theme.
  • Documentation link customization - You can customize where you would like others to access Atomic Search documentation. By default, this links to the Atomic Jolt support portal articles for Atomic Search.

Figure 1: Settings button location

Figure 2: Admin settings overview

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