Atomic Jolt

Search from any page and your Dashboard

When Atomic Search is installed into the root account a global navigation LTI placement can be accessed from the global Canvas navigation menu. Searching from this button will return results from everything that you have access to. Click on the Canvas roles below to learn more.

  • Admins - returns results for unpublished and published content in their accounts and courses
  • Instructors - returns results for unpublished and published in their courses
  • Students - returns results for published content in their courses
Note: Some institutions may have this global placement disabled.

It is highly recommended that you add the Atomic Search javascript widget to your Canvas theme

Adding the Atomic Search widget to your Canvas theme makes it even easier to search by adding a search box to the top right of Canvas screens. When the widget is installed, you can follow a search result and then click your browser’s back button, to return you to the search that you previously executed.

Figure 2: Search javascript widget location on the Dashboard

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