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Atomic Assessments 3.22 Release Notes

3.22 - Beta 28 December 2020; Prod: 4 January 2020


  • Continuous timing mode - There is a new timing mode that times continuously from the attempt start time. This is enabled by turning on “Time runs continuously even if the student navigates away” in the assignment settings. This is different from the old timing mode now named "Time runs only when the assignment is active" which only times while the student has the attempt open.
  • Attempt Polling Changes - The student browser will now detect certain changes on the server while an attempt is in progress. Please note: These may take a couple of minutes to propagate to the student due to the way polling is currently implemented. We may be able to improve this in the future.
    • Attempt closed:  If an attempt closes on the server the student attempt ends. This happens when the attempt is force submitted or closed in another browser/browser tab.
    • Time limit change: Changing the time limit of a timed assessment on the server displays a message to the student.
    • Lock (“Until”) change: Changing the lock date will display a message to the student if the updated time is within the next 2 hours.
  • Added additional attempt closing messages - We have added some new attempt closing messages during attempt events. When the attempt is set to close within 5 minutes (based on the continuous time limit or lock date) the student will see a notification. The timer will also change red. When the attempt closes due to a lock date or the continuous timer the student will see a message that automatically dismisses in a few seconds. Note: The “Time runs only when assignment is active” timer will not show any messages. This timer is handled by Learnosity and we will try to add the messages in the future.
  • Improved time handling - This is both an anti-cheating feature and a way to handle incorrectly configured time on student computers. The attempt timing works properly independently of the student’s computer clock. Also, if the student changes their clock during an attempt, the system will realize within 15 seconds and update the timing parameters.
  • Add a trial version statement to Atomic Assessments - We have added a trial version statement for free trials on all pages of the app. If your account is paid you will not see this message.


  • Fix for Error Signatures do not match (error code: 41003) - We have a fix for the “Error Signatures do not match” error that was reported for a couple activities. This error would sometimes occur when previewing an activity.
  • The “Try Again” button was still active after being shown the correct answer and exhausting attempts - Students were able to click the try again button after being shown the correct answer on their final question attempt and could change their last answer to be correct.

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