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Atomic Assessments 3.23 Release Notes

3.23 - Beta 10 February 2021; Prod: 22 February 2021


  • Styled the trial message that appears for unpaid accounts - New styling was added to the trial message that displays for unpaid accounts.

  • Added a way to bulk archive content in a course’s Item Banks - There is a new "Cleanup Item Bank" menu option in the Settings gear menu. This feature will analyze the contents of your course Item Bank and determine if there is any content that is not being used in an assignment. You will then be able to archive all items and activities that meet that criteria in your course. Please note: This will not delete the content and it will only archive it.

  • Proctorio Integration: Enhanced student experience - We altered the student exam view to make it easier to view and take exams. We centered the questions for the exam, moved the quiz tools out of the way of navigation buttons, and added a message that displays after a student submits the exam to notify the student that it is safe to close the browser window and return to the course.


  • The points column in the Summary report was not sorting accurately - Sorting by the points column in the Summary report was not sorting accurately for the decimal point scores.

  • Previewing an Activity without Items would cause an error - When you tried to preview an activity without items an error would appear. We added a message to notify the user that there aren’t any items in that activity.

  • Sometimes merged Canvas users could not access Atomic Assessments - Sometimes, when two users were merged in Canvas, the merged user would have trouble accessing Atomic Assessments and see unauthorized errors.

  • Clicking on the score underneath a question would count the act of clicking on the score as a question attempt - Clicking on the score beneath a question counted the score click as an actual question attempt if this was the first time the score was clicked on. This inaccuracy was only reflected in the attempt number shown beneath the question; the pop-up message would show the accurate number of attempts.

  • Searching for an assignment would not preserve the search and sorting after navigating into an assignment - When you searched for an assignment or sorted any of the columns in the assignment list, your search and sort selections were not getting preserved after you navigated into an assignment. Now, when you click to go back to the assignment list, your search and sort settings will be saved and shown.

  • Clicking outside the pop ups for the options under the Settings menu would accidentally cancel the job taking place - The options that were accessed from the main Settings menu (Download Activities, Add Activities, Cleanup Item Bank) would be dismissed by clicking outside the pop-up messages. These are long running tasks and already had UI controls to dismiss the dialogs. We have changed the behavior so that you need to explicitly choose to close these pop-ups. This should make it harder to accidentally abort a job in progress.

  • Activities that contained an archived item could not be archived - Activities that contained an archived item could not be updated through the Learnosity API. We have created a work around for this by removing archived items from activities, as needed.

  • The check answer button label would change depending on the assignment-level penalties setting applied - The ‘check answer' button was labeled as 'submit,' regardless of whether there were multiple check answer attempts. The 'check answer' button was also always labeled as 'check answer,' even if there were no check answer attempts remaining.

  • Refreshing the browser would cause answer highlighting to disappear - Answer highlighting that was previously displayed to the student would disappear if the browser was refreshed.

  • Embedding an assignment by selecting the external tool submission type in a Canvas assignment was not working - The save button was grayed out when you tried to add a new or existing activity to a Canvas assignment by linking using the External Tool submission type.

  • The documentation link in the Settings would take you to outdated documentation - The documentation link under the Settings menu was directing you to the old documentation article. It is now being redirected to our documentation in the support portal.

  • Students were unable to continue an attempt that was reset - When a student submission was reset by an instructor they would see a message indicating that the attempt was closed rather than having their attempt resumed.

  • Student attempts were sometimes not able to be reset - Sometimes, when trying to reset a student attempt, a 500 error message would display for the teacher in the reset attempt pop-up message. This would happen when the Learnosity session did not exist for the student.

  • Sometimes pressing the back button in the browser would end a student attempt - For assignments with multiple attempts, if the student hit the back button in their browser during an additional attempt sometimes that would end their attempt instead of taking them back to where they left off.
  • Item Scores report was not sorting correctly - The Item Scores report was not sorting the points correctly or consistently. These are now being sorted in ascending or descending order when selected.

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