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Atomic Search - 3.5 Release Notes

3.5 Beta 22 February 2021; Prod: 1 March 2021


  • Atomic Search Redesign - We have updated the styling throughout Atomic Search.

    • Updated the styling on the search box and related buttons in the main search page and the results page

    • Consolidated controls into one menu

      • We combined the menus under a single three-dot menu accessible by admins and teachers. The consolidated menu is located in the upper right of each Search page, and contains the Course Settings, Admin Settings, View Analytics, Reindex Course option (with a status indicator), Export all searches (to download a CSV file of course searches), and a link to the Atomic Search Documentation.

    • Moved the search filters on the results page underneath the search bar and added the number of results.

    • Removed the "Powered by Atomic Jolt" and "Documentation" links below the search box.

    • Removed “Type” icons in the search results and created tags next to the result titles.

    • Removed the cloud publish/unpublished icon and created an “unpublished” tag next to the result titles.

  • Updated the translated versions of Atomic Search to include the new UI changes - We updated the text for the translated versions of Atomic Search to include any new text or text changes.

  • Added an expiration to the trial versions of Search - We updated the styling for Atomic Search trials and added trial expiration pages and a banner that displays the time left remaining in a search trial. This change will only affect unpaid accounts.


  • The Settings popup could not be closed using the ‘x’ - Clicking on the ‘x’ button in the settings menu did not close the menu.

  • If a course term changed you would see results for the course’s previous term and not the course’s new term - If you changed a course’s term, re-indexed, and filtered the results by the course’s term, the results would display from the course’s previous term and not the course’s newly associated term.

  • When a search was executed via the widget, the search results page would get truncated when only a few results were returned - The results page would sometimes get condensed and show a scrollbar when a search was done through the search widget with few results found.

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