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Atomic Assessments 3.24 Release Notes

3.24 - Beta 17 March 2021; Prod: 29 March 2021


  • Added the ability to duplicate an entire assignment - We have added a “Duplicate Assignment” menu item to the assignment setting dropdown menu. Duplicating an assignment will do a deep copy of the assignment which will create new copies of the activity and all associated items. All of the original assignment settings will be copied to the new assignment except for the assignment name, overrides, and the publish status. On duplication, a new associated Canvas assignment will be created for the copy. 

  • Updated to Learnosity 2021.1.LTS - This release includes an update to version 2021.1.LTS of Learnosity. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.

  • Added the option to hide feedback until the final assignment attempt - There are a series of new checkboxes under the feedback timing grid which allow you to hide various types of feedback when the student is still able to make another attempt at an assignment.

  • Allow instructors to fix the link between the Atomic Assessments and Canvas assignments - We have added a warning message for instructors to add a Canvas assignment when the Canvas assignment linked to an Atomic Assessments assignment is missing (because of deletion or other removal). We have also added a warning message for instructors to update Canvas assignments that are linked to Atomic Assessments assignments if the LTI launch values do not match. This also prevents Atomic Assessments assignments from being automatically deleted if the Canvas assignment is missing or deleted. Our goal is to make the link between Canvas assignments and Atomic Assessments more visible so that common problems can be resolved by the instructors themselves if we detect that something isn’t linked correctly.


  • Clicking the browser’s back button within Atomic Assessments would cause an error - When you clicked the browser back button while navigating inside of Atomic Assessments an “unauthorized” error would occur. Now you can navigate using either the back buttons within Atomic Assessments or the back button in your browser.

  • Duplicating passages would only share the passage between items and not duplicate it - Previously, when duplicating an item that contained a passage, you were prompted to either share the passage or duplicate the passage. This prompt no longer displayed and the passage was always shared by default. The passages are now always duplicated and there is no longer an option to share them.

  • Grade writeback not working in graded module items - If a student took a graded assignment that was added to a Canvas assignment via the external tool module item, their grade did not show up in the Speedgrader unless they launched the Canvas version of the assignment. 

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