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Atomic Apps Release Cycle 2021

We are implementing a new release schedule which will be maintenance-focused. Going forward, this schedule will include three major releases a year. We have received client feedback requesting that we limit our releases to time periods when school is not in session. To best support this request, our releases will take place at the beginning of summer, the end of summer, and in late December. For 2021 dates, please see the timeline below.

We will continue to release critical hot patches to production throughout the year, when necessary, if issues arise.

Our release cycle process will remain the same. For reference, this is the current release cycle process:

  • Internal Beta: During this stage, our Quality Assurance testers test new features to confirm they meet requirements, test that reported bugs are fixed, and catch any new bugs that may need to be fixed before they are released to our public beta.
  • Public Beta: During this stage, clients may try out the new release features using their own data and assignments in our beta environment and report back any bugs that they may experience before we release to production. 
  • Production: On this date, new changes are released to the client production environment and the release cycle resets. 

Below is the new release cycle timeline and calendar so that you may plan for future new releases. 

Release Timeline:

    Internal Beta: Mondays between 5pm-12am MST, at least 4 weeks before we release to production 

    Public Beta: Mondays between 10am-12pm MST, two weeks before we release to production  

    Production: Mondays between 4pm-8pm MST, two weeks after the public beta release 

Release Dates for 2021:

Internal BetaPublic BetaProduction
3.2510 May24 May7 June
3.2626 July9 August23 August
3.2729 November13 December27 December

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